Taking Care of Your Tree This Winter Season


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Winter is already around the corner, and everyone is preparing to welcome the cold season. People are starting to change into their sweaters, winter boots, and beanie hats if you want to stay in fashion in time for winter. However, we should not only focus on updating our winter fashion. Even your backyard trees need to be prepared for the intense cold weather.

In these kinds of situations, it is a good idea to find an arborist who can help you with proper tree care and maintenance. In fact, the winter season is the best time to take care of your tree by calling reliable arborist services nearby. Before that, you need to know what level of care you will need for your backyard trees.

Preparing for winter

Winters can be harsh and too cold to the point that it can cause potential damage to trees and other greens outdoors. However, not only the cold weather can contribute to the tree’s susceptibility to damage but also due to human and animal activities.

For example, wild animals tend to feed on twigs and tree barks because of food shortage during winter. Other man-made activities such as building sidewalks, landscaping, or creating a patio area can affect the soil’s health and condition. As a result, it can also affect tree and plant growth.

That is why it is important to take extra care of the trees within your property area to avoid the potential damage that might occur due to the intense cold weather. Your friendly-neighborhood tree services will help you provide the right tree care and maintenance for your trees.

Common tree problems during winter

We have no control of the weather, but at least we can control how we can protect our yard greens during the harsh winter climate. Here are some common tree issues when winter arrives.

Presence of rodents

Tree cutting services experts reveal that rodents often target trees during winter in an attempt to scavenge for food. Among common culprits include mice, rabbits, deer, and squirrels. These animals tend to chew on bark and girdle trees, which obviously results in tree damage.

Breakage of branches

Branches, especially of deciduous trees, can be very susceptible to damage during the cold winter season. Harsh winter climate can make the tree prone to brittleness and wind damage. Snow and ice accumulation can also affect trees that also result in damage, nonetheless.

Winter dryness

Evergreen trees are more prone to winter drought that also causes damage to trees. This occurs when the tree loses its ability to store water from the frozen ground. In addition, harsh winter winds can also contribute to tree dryness.

Winter stress

This usually occurs when there is a sudden change in the daytime and nighttime temperature. Such temperature fluctuations can cause a negative impact on the trees and result in cracks and other sorts of tree damages.

Tree care and maintenance for the winter season

Like how we prepare ourselves and our homes this coming winter, it should also be the same for our backyard trees. This is the right time to hire emergency tree services to help you keep your trees healthy despite the upcoming cold weather.

Take time to prune your trees.

Trees become dormant in time for the winter season, which makes it the right time to do some pruning. Remove diseased, damaged, and dead branches. Better yet, hire a tree care professional to take on the job.

Protect your trees against the cold.

Make sure to cover your plants and trees using tarps, sheets, or burlaps and should reach the ground. You can also use a mulch to provide warmth and moisture for your trees. For smaller and potted plants, try relocating it in a protected location to avoid potential winter damage.

Protect your trees against rodents.

Aside from using mulch on your trees, you can also consider setting a bait or trap such as enclosures and paint-on repellents. For other alternatives, you can consult emergency tree services to help you manage those annoying rodents that can damage your tree.

Create a checklist for your tree care routine

It is important that you create a checklist to ensure your tree’s good health in time for winter. Aside from the abovementioned tips, make sure to do an inspection of your backyard trees come springtime. Check for any signs of damage and hire a professional tree services in Chevy Chase. Contact one today!

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