Things to Be Known Before Hiring a Crane

crane servicesBefore hiring a crane, one must analyze the sole purpose of hiring the crane. Based on the purpose one must sort out the type and form of the crane. Crane hire has become a common thing for a lot of construction purposes.  There are two basic forms of crane rentals, and the choice of picking totally depends on the knowledge and insurance based on the rentals to meet the current legislations.

The two different forms are contract lift and hired crane.

Contract lift

This type of crane rentals is where the operator forms the key figure. He is in-charge of everything right from providing the right number of cranes, workers to availing the insurance and planning the whole work. The crane operator becomes the nucleus of this type of crane rental.

Hire crane

In this form of crane rental, the employing company becomes the show runner. The company plans the whole rental, covers the whole insurance policies. They basically provide the cranes required along with the skilled drivers for those cranes offered.

But there are few qualities that all the lifts regarding a crane should have:

  1. Prior to any lift there must a risk assessment and a statement prepared for any worst case.
  2. The person in-charge of the operation must be well qualified and skilled technically.
  3. Everything in and around the crane must be insured – the people working, the machinery and also the items being lifted.

Apart from the above mandatory qualities, the rental companies must abide by the following laws and regulations:

  1. CPA- construction plant hire association
  2. LOLER- lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations 1998

Usually the crane services providing companies keep the insurance availed in advance and plan the working methodology before availing to rent in order to attract the customers. But there are a few organizations which leave all the work to the on-site engineers/workers.

Always remember that the operators need to be HGV drivers with proper CPCS qualification. The frequent applications of these cranes are in the engineering field, equipment transfer from roof tops, disposal of fallen trees and recovery of vehicles.

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