Tree Removal And Tree Lopping Are Not Synonyms!

tree removalMost of the people generally think that tree lopping and tree removal are two names of the same procedure. Tree removal experts know that both the procedures are quite different from each other and the end results are also different. Now let’s have a look on how these two terms are different from each other.

Meaning of Tree Lopping and Tree Removal!

Tree Lopping:  Before 1983, Tree lopping, hat racking or simply, lopping was known as a procedure which was used to remove the whole top half of the tree or we can say to remove the major stem of the targeted tree. Now, as more standards, certifications and training are mandatory in tree cutting industry, the Lopping has transformed to a procedure in which the main stem or leaders are cross cut by leaving the rest part of the tree behind.

Tree Removal: It is the procedure which is followed to remove the entire tree. Tree removal is also known as tree felling. The process of felling a tree is totally based on the, shape, size and the location of the tree. For larger trees, bigger space is required to drop the tree. The best method to cut a tree is to first cut it at the base, then make further cuts to make pieces of it for further disposal. In crowded residential areas, the felling process take place by cutting the tree into several pieces to reduce the risks of damaging the nearby property because of “drop” of the tree.

Reasons of confusion in both the terms!

The basic reason behind the confusion of treating both the procedures as same is lack of knowledge of this field and its terminology. The exact term which should be used to refer the removal of parts of the tree is tree pruning, tree surgery or tree trimming. The right terminology to refer to the people in this industry is “Tree surgeons” or “tree doctors”.

Which is better?

Tree lopping and tree removal leaves behind large, clumsy and deformed stubs, which are highly prone to pests, diseases, internal decay and weak jointed re-growth and all this subsequently kills the tree. So, it is better to go for a tree removal service to completely cut and the tree and dispose it properly.

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