Guide To Hiring The Right Tree Service Company

tree removal

If you have tall, weak trees or heavy branches hanging over your house you are endangering your property and life. To protect your property and family members you need to remove the weak tree branches as soon as possible.

For ideal results you should hire a tree removal company to do the work. When hiring the company you need to consider these factors:


Thousands of tree removal accidents are reported every year. To ensure that no one gets injured in your property hire a company that takes safety seriously. The company you hire should have a certified tree care safety professional, proof of participating in regular safety training, and a well-laid out safety policy.

Necessary equipment

There is no way the company will safety remove trees and/or weak branches if it doesn’t have the necessary equipment. The company should have flatbeds, chainsaws, bucket and chipper trucks, and cranes to remove the tall, heavy trees.

The tree removal equipment should be well maintained. They shouldn’t be too old to work.

Company’s insurance

As mentioned, it’s risky to remove trees. To protect yourself ensure that the company is insured and the insurance coverage is adequate to cover your property.

The company should have two types of insurance: liability and workers compensation insurance.

Liability insurance covers your home and possessions. It gives you peace of mind as you know that if your home is damaged you will receive compensation.

Worker’s compensation insurance on the other hand covers the company’s employees. You can be sued for negligence if an employee is injured in your property, but with the worker’s compensation insurance in place you don’t have to worry as it protects you against lawsuits.

Industry standards

The tree care industry has ANSI and OSHA standards that every tree service company must follow. Ensure that the company you hire is a member of the local or national group that controls tree pruning and maintenance.

Area of specialization

There are companies that offer tree planting, landscaping or ground maintenance services, and at the same time offer tree removal services. These companies aren’t professional tree removal companies as tree removal isn’t their area of specialization.

If you are looking to remove large and dangerous trees, be very careful of the company that you hire. The company you hire should specifically specialize in tree removal.


Not every company you come across can provide you with efficient and safe tree pruning and trimming services. Take your time to research and find the right company.



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