Tree Stump Removal: 3 Of The Best Home Remedies

After felling a tree one of the major problems that many homeowners have is how to remove the tree stump. If you don’t have money to hire a tree stump removal contractor, you can remove the stump on your own. Here are some of the home remedies that you can use to remove the stump:

Epsom salt

You should use 100% Epsom salt from your local store. You should start by drilling holes on the stump. The holes should be at least ½ inch apart and 8 inches deep. If you don’t have a drill that is that deep, use an axe.

Once through with the drilling, fill the holes with salt and cover them. Use a trash bag, plastic tarp or any other nonporous item to cover the stump. You should wait for at least six weeks for the stump to die. You can wait for the stump to fall apart on its own, or use an axe to speed up the process.


If your stump is dry and you want to remove it fast, fire is the best option. You should start by drilling holes in the stump. For the stump to burn deep down to the tips of the roots ensure that the holes go as deep as possible.

After drilling holes pour kerosene on it and set it on fire. To avoid accidents, never leave the fire unattended. Some states don’t allow starting of controlled fires; therefore, to avoid being on the wrong side of law, check your local guidelines.


If you have a stubborn stump, you should consider chopping it. You can use an axe to chop it but this is strenuous and time consuming. The fastest and most effective way of going about it is using a stump grinder.

You don’t have to buy it—you can rent it from a tree removal company or from your nearest home improvement store. If you don’t like using heavy machines you should hire someone to do the work for you. To have an easy time, first cut the stump close to the ground using a chainsaw.


Tree stump removal is a strenuous and time taking activity. You also have to spend money to get the stump removed. If you don’t want to go through the trouble, you should hire tree stump removal services to do the work. Most of the service providers have specialized machines such as cranes that remove the stumps fast and safe.


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