Tree Trimming And Removal Services: Mistakes To Avoid When Trimming Your Trees

Tree trimming and pruning services

Tree trimming is one of the most basic practices that you have to undertake to keep your home in top shape. You can trim the trees on your own, or hire tree trimming and removal services to help you out. When you are trimming the trees you need to avoid making these mistakes:


This happens when you cut away a large section of the top of the tree crown. You also will have a topping when you remove all the leafing branches across the top half of the tree. When you do this, you are left with an ugly tree with a weak branch structure that gives your home an ugly look.

While this issues can happen in all trees, arborist service providers observe that it’s more common in crapemyrtles and other trees that are too large in areas that they were planted.

To avoid making this mistake, you should be cautious of how you cut the tree. If you have never done it before, hire a professional to help you out.

Making improper cuts

There are many ways in which you can make inappropriate cuts. You can cut the tree too close to the main trunk or too far from it. In most cases, people cut the branches too close to the trunk.

The result is the removal of the branch collar that aids in the healing of the wound. By cutting the branch off flush to the trunk, you expose your trees to diseases and pests.

When you do it, you also put the tree at the risk of having bark tears that not only give the tree an ugly look, they also expose it to diseases.

The right way of cutting the tree is avoiding cutting it too close to the main trunk. If you have too many trees that you are tired cutting them, hire tree services providers to help you out.


Some people think that they need to remove all the excess branches on their trees. This is wrong.  While you should get rid of the ugly looking branches, you shouldn’t over prune the tree. The best way of going about it is ensuring that you don’t remove more than 10% of the tree at the same time.

When you over prune, you prevent effective transfer of nutrients and food. You also make the tree too weak to support itself.


These are some of the mistakes that you should avoid making when pruning your trees. To avoid making the mistakes, work with reputable arborist tree service providers.

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