What You Need to Know about Taking Care of a Young Tree

Seeing how a small seed grows into a majestic tree can be fulfilling. More so, if you are the one who planted that simple seed and watched it grow way taller than you over the years. Moreover, it is important to take care of a young tree so that it will grow into a healthy tree in the years to come. You can also consult tree services providers for tips on proper tree care and maintenance.

Care and maintenance for young trees

The first three to five years is crucial for a young tree’s life. This is the time where utmost care is important to ensure the tree’s healthy growth. At the same time, proper tree care as advised by arborist services will ensure that it will reach its full-size potential and resistant against tree pests and diseases.

You can also find an arborist in giving tree care and maintenance advice you will need in taking care of your tree. You should also learn the proper way of watering, weeding, mulching, and pruning a young tree. Just like animals and humans, trees are living things, too. They also need the right amount of care they need so they will thrive and grow into a regal-looking tree they should be.

Watering young trees

All plants and trees should be given the right amount of water to keep it nourished and healthy. However, there is a right process of watering so it won’t “drown” because of overwatering. In tree care and maintenance, there should be such a thing as “smart watering”. Here are some tips on watering young trees properly.

  • Make it a point to water the young tree equivalent to about 25 gallons of water weekly. You can put a hose on low setting and let it sit at the tree’s base for about half an hour. Increase watering when there is drought or a dry spell in your area.
  • Practice deep watering on young trees to ensure its optimum health and disease-free growth. It can also help strengthen and encourage the growth of strong roots. Meanwhile, light sprinkling for about five to 10 minutes is not advised as it may encourage poor root growth.
  • Make sure that the soil is constantly moist up to six inches below the ground’s surface, but not necessarily wet. Ideally, soil moisture should be checked about once a week.
  • Mulching can help in maintaining soil moisture that can help in the young tree’s growth. Cover the tree trunk’s base with about three to five-inch mulch layering, and then spread up to two feet away from the tree in all sides.
  • In mulching, experts recommend using leaf compost and shredded bark. However, you can also use other types of mulch whichever is available.

Pruning young trees

Pruning is important for trees which should be ideally left to professional arborist services. For one, it encourages the penetration of sunlight. Likewise, it helps promote air circulation through the young tree. In addition, pruning also improves the growth of its leaves and branches and remove dead and diseased parts of the young tree.

However, make it a point not to be too keen on pruning a young tree. It is better not to prune a young tree especially within a year after planting it, but with the exemption in removing any dead branches or dried leaves.

In pruning a young tree, remember the rule of thirds: one-third for each part of the tree including the roots, the trunk, and the foliage. Reducing the foliage to less than one-third and it can permanently affect the young tree’s growth.

Other tips for tree care and maintenance

Here are some other tips for proper tree care and maintenance.

  • Ensure regular weeding and keep them away especially from young trees and plants.
  • As much as possible, do not use pesticides as the young tree’s fertilizer. Keep the roots and the soil around it moist at all time by adding mulch.
  • When pruning a tree, make sure not to leave stubs as it can be the cause of the development of tree diseases.
  • If the tree collapses due to strong wind or other kinds of extreme weather, call emergency tree storm services immediately.
  • Make sure to hire only a reputable and highly-skilled tree services provider for any tree-related concerns. You can find arborist services in Bethesda and get to know more about their other tree care services.

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