When To Know It’s Time to Cut Down A Tree

Tree Pruning

Trees are blessings to mankind. They serve as a natural shade against the heat of the sun. Many trees also bear fruits that you and everyone else will enjoy feasting on. However, there will come a time when trees need to be taken down for some reason. In such cases, you should contact tree cutting services near you.

One study reveals that living in a place surrounded by trees can help in prolonging a person’s life. For one thing, trees can enhance a property’s aesthetic appeal. However, cutting down a tree can be as sad as the death of a pet or a loved one. More so, if the tree has been in your property for many years.

But sometimes, cutting down a tree can be a better solution especially if it becomes a threat to everyone’s safety. To deal with this, you should find an arborist to take care of the tree cutting procedure. Before cutting down a tree, there are different factors that should be considered.

Is the tree’s location safe?

One major consideration in deciding to cut down a tree is its location. Check whether the tree(s) grows too close to your house. Likewise, check whether its branches are hanging too close to a window or any part of your house. Hanging branches can be potentially dangerous especially during a storm and strong winds.

Trees that are too close to your property can also cause potential accidents and injuries. Likewise, it can cause damage to your property. Just consider the expenses and safety risks you can incur by repairing a damaged roof or a broken window glass. That is why hiring emergency tree services is important in such cases.

Tree removal companies will know whether it’s time to cut down a tree or a part of it. For example, not all overhanging tree branches may need to be cut down. Some branches may only need trimming instead of chopping them off completely. But if the branch is in a compromising position, then it may be better to cut it off.

A tree’s location is also crucial in providing the right amount of shade for your home. For example, branches that touch the house’s siding can cause damage and lead to the growth of molds. Trees that are near power lines should be cut immediately to avoid further safety risks.

Tree damage can weaken its structure and can put it at risk of falling down. Accidents due to “acts of nature”, including a fallen tree, may not be covered by most insurance. To prevent such hassles, it is recommended to call arborist services as soon as possible.

Is it diseased?

Many people do not realize that trees get sick, too. That said, a sick tree should be treated immediately. But if the tree is a hopeless cause, it may be time to cut it off. This is to prevent future safety hazards.

Trees become vulnerable and weak due to disease. It can cause a weakened structure and may fall off on your house. These matters should be handled by professional tree removal services companies. Experienced personnel will take time to inspect and recommend the next steps for the tree.

Among common signs of a diseased or dying tree include the following:

  • Weak and brittle branches
  • Rotten tree branches, roots, and/or trunk
  • Yellowish leaves

Pests can also cause diseased trees. Trees are meant to house birds and other animals. However, some animals can be bad tenants and cause damage to the tree. Some of these animals include worms, rodents, and scorpions among a few.

These annoying tree tenants can eventually invade your home. To prevent that from happening, it may be time to get rid of the tree. Also, the presence of fungus is also a sign of a diseased tree. If your tree has it, it may be time to cut down the tree as well.

Is it the right tree?

It may be nice to grow a tree. However, there is no such thing as “one size fits all” in growing a tree in all locations. Some trees may be ideal for warmer climates, while some may grow better in colder areas.

Growing a tree in a wrong location can stump its growth and even affect its “health”. In such a case, the tree should be removed and choose a tree that is more suitable for the weather in your area.

Contact tree experts near you

Trees have their own lives. They can thrive or die depending on the amount of care they receive. For your tree care needs, you should find an arborist in Bethesda or anywhere near your area.

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