When You Have the Need for Tree Pruning?

Tree Pruning

Tree has many parts like branches and buds etc. Tree pruning is necessary to remove dead and diseased parts. It is a process that is very important for keeping trees healthy. Another reason for tree pruning is controlling the growth of trees as some of its branches may become dangerous to the surrounding property. The process of removing dead branches is known as dead wooding.

Since diverse techniques are used for pruning, it requires a diverse set of tools too. Some of them are pruning saws, pruning shears, head shears, loping shears and blades. Type of tool used also depends on the size of the tree. For example long pruners are used for cutting distant branches of the tree. Accessories are also available in the market for pruning trees. A single tool head can be used with different handles. Sometimes a scissor might also be used for cutting very soft branches. Tree pruning companies have their specialized set of tools.

Different Types Of Pruning

Some of the basic pruning cuts are:


Thinning is done for removing old, dead and diseased parts of a tree. It helps in improving growth of a tree. Sometimes all the branches of a tree are removed and only the trunk is left. It is the most extreme form of thinning process. This type of pruning is usually done on young trees. Results have shown that pruning of young trees help them in achieving higher growth. It is a kind of exercise regime for young trees.

Size reduction

Sometimes reducing the size of a tree becomes necessary. The reasons may include creating a passage for people and vehicles etc. If a new construction is taking place near the tree, size reduction is required. Overgrown branches coming close to utility lines also need a cut.

When Pruning Should Be Done?

In most cases pruning should be done once a year. For some trees, winter is the most suitable time for pruning. In others, pruning can be done in summers.  If a tree is dead or doesn’t bear leaves, then pruning also becomes necessary to avoid HOA violaions and to maintain the beauty of the property.

Some people like to take care of trees themselves. It is a good thing but make sure that you have the necessary knowledge, skills and tools. If you lack any one of them call professional tree pruning services. It is in the best interest of your trees.    


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