Why Is It Safe To Hire Professional for Tree Service?

Tree ServiceTree service includes pruning, trimming, fertilizing and removal of trees. It may look like a very simple and safe job. However, take a closer look and you can easily see the dangers that are part and parcel of this work. You have to deal with height, various climatic conditions, chemicals and dangerous mechanical equipments.

Risk Associated With Tree Service Work


While doing tree service there is always a risk of falling from heights. A worker can fall from a tree or from equipments like crane or ladder. Bad weather situations like storm, rain, extreme heat and snow can make the working condition even more dangerous.

Injury due to equipments

While working on a tree, workers can get injured from the same equipments that they are using. The equipments used for cutting and chipping trees can grievously injure a person.  Because they are used for trees, these equipments have sharp blades, with which, you have to be extra precautions.

Risk of electrocution

For safety reasons trees that are close to electrical lines or transformers should be cut or trimmed. Workers may accidentally touch or fall on these electrical installations. Working for long hours near high voltage electrical lines can also cause cancer.

Risk due to chemicals

Tree service work includes applying chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides. These chemicals are necessary for maintaining healthy trees. However, they are unsafe for the human beings. Exposure to these chemicals can cause various health problems.

Precautions That Tree Service Company Need To Take

Proper training and equipment

Workers should have proper training and the equipments that are necessary for tree care jobs. Taking care of trees is a complex task. Sometimes, cutting of few branches is enough. In other cases entire tree needs to be removed. It also involves applying chemicals like fertilizers. Only a trained and certified arborist can handle these tasks correctly. Another important thing is that they should have top of the line equipments. Without proper equipments quality of work is going to suffer. Use of poor quality equipments also increases the risk of accident.


Tree company should offer workers compensation insurance. Tree cutting or removal work can accidentally damage the nearby buildings, so property insurance should also be given.

Tree removal service companies should never compromise on safety. It takes time, money and effort to make the working environment absolutely safe, but it’s an investment worth every penny. 

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