Why winter is a good time to prune trees?

0000eWinter is the time of the year when trees around you go dormant. They hit the hibernation mode, resting well, so that when Spring comes in they are ready to welcome it. So, why should you prune trees during winters, when they are busy doing nothing? Let’s try and understand why prune trees at all before we move on to understand the reason associated with┬ápruning trees in winters

Why Prune Trees?

When you are pruning trees, you actually removing the dead or dying parts of the tree which have been infected by insects, bacteria etc. This way you are helping the tree growth process and improving the appearance of the tree. In short, you are providing various benefits to the trees and the landscape around it.

Pruning in Winters

In growing seasons, if you prune trees, you leave them open to be infected by bacterial and fungal infections. Also, the cut trees release an odor that attract insects and other types of pests around it thus spreading diseases. But, in Winters you will notice trees enter dormant state. Hence, they are less vulnerable to the risk of infections and diseases caused by pruning. Also at this time, the trees slow down sugar uptake to the leaves for photosynthesis unlike growing seasons. They can use up the stored energy towards healing their wounds caused by pruning trees in winters. Also, in winters you can view the branch structure correctly thus determining the right area to make cuts in for proper growth of trees. You can even get a good idea of dead, damaged or dying trees during Winters. As you can go near the tree, the tree  removal cost goes economical during winters.

Why Hire a Professional?

If you are planning to prune trees, always hire a professional pruning services. A professional knows the safe way to get the pruning done without injuring himself. A professional would be able to make the right decisions on use of equipment. Hiring a professional pruning service helps determine the right cuts in the tree helping it grow healthily and tree removal cost becomes economical

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