Knowing About Tree Stumping

tree stumpingAs we all know trees are always the center of attraction of your lawn for your visitors. Moreover, because of trees only, you get lots of pleasurable moments in summer days whenever you sit in your lawn to rest. But, as trees grow in length and breadth they become unsafe for house boundaries, street or can obstruct power lines and in these conditions you have to chop them down in sake of the safety of your house and of the society. We all know it is hard to remove a beautiful tree from your lawn but you have to do it! And what is left after? Its tree stumps.

What is a tree stump?

A tree stump is the lower end of a tree, which is left after the main part is cut off and always looks bad on your lawn. These stumps are liability as they can cause accidents from tripping. Moreover stumps provide shelter to termites, ants, and beetles, which can spread and can cause damage to your furniture and other wooden assets of your house. They can also cause a major damage to your lawn mowing equipment.

How to get rid of tree stump?

Now the question arises how to get rid of it? Tree stump removal is not just a hard task to do but is also a very time taking. So, if you want to do it all by yourself. Take some energy booster, as hacking, picking and digging under the massive heat of the sun needs lots of strength and efforts. And moreover, it also becomes expensive because for stump removal you need bigger equipment like an ax, chainsaw and a hoe.

A better way to do this is by calling tree stumping experts! And they will do the whole process of stump removal for you, without hassle. There are lots stump removal services that provide excellent stump removal as they are experts in removing stump and also use modern equipment to accomplish the task safely.
So, stump removal by professionals is the best option because these experts have the vast experience in this field and have the perfect tools to remove stump without tearing up your lawn.

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The Significant Advantages of Hiring Tree Removal Services

tree removalA large sized tree in a property when starts looking unhealthy or diseased, needs to be removed because of the safety hazards it can create. The trees that appear diseased or dead and likely candidates for falling should be removed on the right time to avoid any danger due to their fall. Especially in regions where there are storms or winds of 65 to 70 mph speed, such trees can easily fall down anytime. To get an idea about the health of a tree, you can contact a certified arborist. They will examine the tree and advice on the proper treatment to cure any issues if any or will recommended getting it cut down if in a significantly poorer health. For this, professional tree removal service can be hired since it’s a dangerous task and need technical approach. And these services providers are equipped with necessary manpower and tools required.

Why professional tree removal services should be hired?

In order to know about the requirement of the tree, the team of professional tree removal service has tree removal experts. These experts inspect the tree before removal whether it needs to be removed or not. There are complications when the unhealthy tree is located close to a property. Use of roping process to make sure that the tree isn’t able to land anywhere near the home or similar structure is required.  Also, utility lines might be in close proximity which also has to be kept in mind while working in that area. A tree removal expert can guide you better.

What should be kept in mind before taking help of tree removal experts?

Tree removal companies provide the services of tree removal and professional tree pruning along with various others. Their services include checking the health of trees; identify the unhealthy or diseased trees. They also provide service for regularly maintaining the tree by trimming the branches, spray of medicines for disease free atmosphere for the tree. But before hiring these tree removal companies for their services certain things need to be kept in mind. A track record of their crane service, check the certification of tree removal expert, equipment should be in good condition to avoid further damage, collect as much as information as you can about the way of working and behavior of staff member.

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Common Myths About Tree Pruning

tree pruning

In today’s world tree pruning is one of the finest ways to make your plants healthy and long live. It also increases the yield and quality of fruit or flower, but unfortunately there are some myths which make it easy and divine procedure more intricate.

MYTH 1 –   A tree will grow perfectly without pruning.

FACT –   It is a most common myth about tree pruning but the reality is different. Imagine a situation in which your one hand is bigger than other hand or your body is not in a proper shape. “Yes you are right”, you will look ugly and unhealthy, similarly to keep plants in a shape and to remove fast growing water sprouts, tree needs some pruning, so if you don’t prune your trees timely they will become unhealthy and shabby. Hire tree pruning professionals as their expertise in this matter comes handy to shape up your tree.

MYTH 2 – Summer pruning is injurious to trees.

FACT – It is another myth which doesn’t match to the situation because water sprout and sucker grows in summer only and the best way to control them is to prune them. Summer pruning is not injurious at all but only it will make your tree better as you can scrape dead leaves and branches. A good tree pruning company provides ideas and solutions to prune your trees so that they grow better and fuller, even in summers.

MYTH 3 –   Wrong time pruning can perish the plant.

FACT –It is true that wrong time pruning can be injurious to the tree but it very rarely kills the tree .Many trees produce lots of sap when pruned at the wrong time, but this sap is not harmful to the bark. Though, it can be rather unpleasant when it falls on people and objects below these dripping branches. So it is advisable to hire professional tree pruning service for timely pruning of the tree, also if you have mistakenly done the pruning in the wrong season, you can call these people for advice and procedure to mend the situation.

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Few Steps to Keep Your Tree Healthy

tree removalTrees are important part of our environment and ecosystem, as they provide essentials to live healthy. These trees become our responsibility if they are decorating our home or providing us fruit, in short if they are planted in our garden. Taking care of a tree sounds effortless task as to most of the people, it means just time to time cutting of the branches of the tree. But it’s not as easy as it seems, keeping a tree healthy, needs care and proper tree expertise with tools and technology.

Few basic steps can do the trick of maintaining the good health and shape of the tree. Let’s start with knowing your tree. Educate about the variety or species of the tree because it determines the root size and hence spatial need of the tree. You can take help of experts as they can guide you about the soil quality, space requirement and early steps to plant the tree.

How to keep trees healthy?

Once the tree starts growing, know about the diseases and fungus it can be prone to and go for medicines and solutions accordingly. Proper professional pruning and regular trimming of the tree keeps it healthy. But these are tricky techniques and must be done by the professionals. One wrong move with your axe and you can harm your tree considerably. Sometimes open wound can give you fatal results. So if your tree seems sick or shabby give a call to professionals and let them do the task.

Taking care of tree’s health with the help of tree professionals

Keep your eyes open about the needs of your tree. Hydration is one of the most important activities which can keep your tree healthy. Try and gather information about how much water your tree needs in a day. Talk to your tree contractor about how much drought resistance your tree is. Sometimes regular spray of medicines is required to give disease free environment to the tree. If you think that some part of your tree is infected, just try to preserve it first, call the specialist to rule out any disease and apply prescribed solution. But if the only option left is to eliminate that part of the tree, don’t do it yourself you can jeopardize the life of the tree. Call the tree experts and make your tree sound and healthy for long.

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Why pruning a tree without a professional help is risky?

Tree PruningTree pruning is a common practice which ensures good looks and good health of your tree. It looks like a do it yourself task but one unprofessional step can ruin the health of your tree. So here are some tips which come handy while pruning a tree.

Cautious Flush cutting

Cutting a branch flush next to the main branch or more importantly the trunk can lead to many troubles such as disease, pests and fungus growth and uneven bark as an open wound can be fatal. Professional tree pruning companies often keep this in mind.

 Avoid Over lifting

Removing all the lower branches while pruning can cause over lifting as tree becomes more crowded and heavy on the top surface. This can lead to imbalance and hence branch failure and breakage. Sometimes it can prove fatal for the tree.

Ignoring safety measures

A professional tree pruning company that you hire should always employ the proper use of safety gears like goggles, hard hat and safety clothing is must while pruning or trimming. Avoid ladders if you are not able to trim a tree while your feet on ground as when attached to uneven surfaces ladders are more prone to the fall. If you need to climb the tree for pruning, call an expert.
Clear the space around the tree

Most of the injuries happen during tree maintenance are because of poor clearance of area Stuck bys can easily happen if someone accidentally comes under a falling branch .This can lead to serious injuries and sometimes proves fatal .Not clearing the space can also lead to harm to the structure around it.

Check for Over-pruning

While pruning a tree doesn’t get carried away. If you are not cautious and cut more than 25% of leaf bearing crowns it can take long period to heal and affects the overall health of the tree. Old trees take longer times to heal.

Fit and up to date tools are essential

Overused and old tools can originate serious accidents. Dull tools lead to rugged and uneven cuts which can misdirect the fall of branch. Also these kinds of cuts can make the healing process a difficult one. Sharpening of tools proves beneficial in many cases.

A professional tree pruner always takes care of such small things. 

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What to Look For While Choosing Tree Crane Service?

tree craneWhen the tree grows over board and it’s a huge one, we generally require hiring a tree crane service for its maintenance or removal. Sometimes it can be a dead tree which can fall any time and threatens you and the structure around it. Now, if it is decided that a crane service is needed, let me help you to select the best one as it’s a risky task which needs working at heights.

Check the track record of the tree crane services providing company

Find out since how many years the company is providing tree crane services, if possible talk with some of its customers. Collect as much as information you can collect about its way of working and behavior of its staff members. Talk about level of customer satisfaction it has provided till now. Search for the best one in your area. The older, the better; but number of happy customers always top the list as a large number of happy customers adds to the increased ranking of the company.

Confirm the certification

Verify the certification of the company and the arborist both as an untrained professional can risk the task. Once you have confirmed about the certification of the tree crane service provider company, ask about the person who is going to handle the bulky equipment for you. Handling a crane needs an extensive level of expertise. When you got a name, check his certification also. Look for how many years he is in this field of handling cranes.

Status of the equipment

A tree crane is a massive but a sophisticated piece of equipment. If it is not up to date and maintained properly it can cause accidents. Keep some pre-hand knowledge about cranes in your mind and check accordingly. Check the condition of the crane coming to your house, as a crane in bad condition is always a threat.

Talk about insurance related issues

Decide pre-hand that, if you are paying in cash or covering it in the insurance. If insured check it with the tree services provider. Ask in detail about the procedure to follow, when getting the paper work done for your insurance company. Claiming the money can be a tedious task. Chalk out all the possibilities to make it simple.

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Should You Hire Tree Removal Services To Remove Tree?

tree removalCutting down a tree can be a risky, tedious and clumsy task. Unless you are not a professional you may be naïve to the reasons behind when and how to cut a tree and about the associated risk factors. So let’s talk about them and see why a professional tree removal service is so much required to cut it for you:

Get the tree removal done if it is sick or infected by some illness

If the reason behind your decision to cut the tree is the poor health of the tree, then you really need to be sure that it can’t be cured and the last resort left is to cut it. Only a certified tree expert can tell you for sure that it can be saved or removal is the only option left,  because he is trained to do this job and posses the required amount of knowledge in this field.

There are a number of diseases which pose threat to the neighboring trees also as they are infectious and contagious. Hypoxylon canker or a pest such as the emerald ash borer may prove to be disastrous for other plants and trees in surrounding too. Tree removal is the only solution you are left with in such cases. The thumb rule to estimate the damage is to check the foliage, if it has already lost 25% of the foliage that means you should go for its removal. Waiting too long to eliminate a dead or dying tree can make the service much more costly as it will require expensive equipment and climbing a rotted tree is very risky.

Remove it if house or structure is present very near to the tree

If the tree has grown very near to an establishment, it can cause irreparable harm to the structure in many ways. If a tree is leaning over your house, it becomes a candidate for the removal as its falling leaves, debris and cones can block the water system and result in damage to the roof. A tree’s gradually and over expanding roots also poses the threat to the foundation of the structure and hence requires elimination of the tree. A professional tree pruner or trimmer can also help you in this.

Remove the tree if it is dangerous to the people or your house

If after much of pruning or trimming you still find the tree blocking your driveway, entering your house from a window or weakened branches which can fall on your head any time, it’s the right time to eliminate this threat by cutting the tree.

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Pruning A Mature Tree: Why Professional Help Is Required?

tree pruningPruning is not as easy as it sounds. It’s an art which requires techniques and knowledge. Though it’s a common procedure applied to maintain the aesthetics of a tree, it requires a higher level of expertise to prune a mature tree. Improper pruning can damage the tree from which it can never recover or can sometimes shorten the life of the tree.

Why do we need pruning?

Pruning of a mature tree can be required for various reasons like

  • To remove rubbing limbs
  • To reduce hazards
  • To increase light, and flow of air for a building or structure which is blocked because of over or disoriented growth of trees.
  • To remove dead branches.

Correct pruning, with an understanding of tree ecology, can maintain fitness and formation of trees and help enhancing the artistic view of our landscapes. And thus seeking help from a professional tree pruning service provider is always recommended.

What is the right time for pruning?

Generally pruning can be done as and when required but if you want to go for some specialized and heavy pruning, it should ideally be done before spring. Spring is a fostering season for trees wherein they grow new leaves and increase shoot growth. Hence heavy pruning can stress the tree can cause harm to the tree growth.

How tree pruning is done?

A professional tree pruner knows the art of pruning the tree very well. Possession of proper knowledge of the cuts prior to undergoing pruning is very important. A three cut method is always followed while removing large branches or limbs of the tree. In order to make the tree achieve its full growth, different and specific type of pruning techniques are often practiced by professionals.

  • Cleaning: It is removing dead, dried or crowded branches from the crown of the tree.
  • Thinning: It is the process of removing selected branches to increase the light and air penetration through the crown of the tree for its better growth and health.
  • Raising: It is to cut out lower branches of the tree to clear the flow of air and increase the light penetration for the buildings and structure near the tree.
  • Reduction: This process is applied to reduce the size of a tree lengthwise, often to clear space for the utility lines.

Pruning the mature and large trees can be hazardous and unsafe if carried by non-professionals as it involves using powerful tools and working at heights. Professional tree pruning companies make it sure that no such damage occurs and the tree is pruned in the best way without affecting its natural growth.

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Need Of Professionals To Remove The Tree From Your Yard

tree removalTrees do not only serve as the ultimate providers of oxygen, food and a lot other things but are today also widely used to green our homes in gardens and for other such purposes. But sometimes it becomes essential to remove them for many reasons. Professional tree removal services are then required.

Why removal of trees is required?

Trees may be removed due to various reasons. Some of them are listed below:

  • Your tree is over shading next door garden.
  • Roots of the tree are damaging your house.
  • Tree is growing larger than your house.
  • It is leaning over your house.
  • It’s a dead tree needed to be removed.
  • Tree is resulting in structural damage.
  • It has accidentally fallen on your roof.

If you feel any of this happening, don’t procrastinate. Seeking help from professional tree removal companies should be the ultimate course of your action. To cut or remove a tree, use of lot of gears, gadgets and equipment is required. They can be as little as a head safety gear and as big as a crane. Some of them are mandatory and some of them are situation dependent. Safety gears from top to toe of your body are required. Facilitate your eyes with good quality eye covering gear to save them from dust and different elements which happens to fall upon you when the tree falls on the ground.

Why you should not cut the tree on your own?

Cutting a tree is a very dangerous task. A falling tree can lead to big miss happenings and accidents if not done properly and professionally. Felling a tree can involve working great heights, sometimes it can be very near to power lines and cause real danger. Before cutting we must choose the direction of its fall, but if you are not a professional it can be very tricky and a wrong fall can cause real damage to you or to the structure of your house. Felling a tree is not a task or work it’s a skill which comes with experience and right training so again a professional is required.

While cutting a tree a lot of decision making is required. To take this decision can be painful for you if it has sentimental values for you, deciding upon whether to cut a tree can be very confusing and you can face many questions like:

1. Is it right time to cut it or should wait?

2. If it’s a dead tree, then is it really dead or it is just fighting from some disease?

3. Does the roots really causing harm? And many more like this, only a professional can reply to your these questions.

Cutting a tree can cause a lot of mess around and tree removal professionals don’t leave the mess behind, they will do their work clean and hassle free. They will ensure that the tree is properly disposed the way you want it. Cut into mulch and chips or hauled away, you choose it and professionals will do it.

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When is the best time to prune the trees?

Tree Pruning

Pruning is a horticultural and silvicultural process in which selected parts of a plant are removed like the buds, branches or roots. It is done to improve the growth of trees or their shape. It is the most common procedure done to maintain trees. It is done to remove diseased, dead, damaged, non-productive, or unwanted tissue from crop and landscape plants. Tree pruning can be done in plants like roses, fruit trees and grapevines. There are special tools designed for pruning. These are hand pruners, loppers and chainsaws. Self-pruning of plants also takes place by wind, ice, salinity and snow.

When Plants Are Usually Pruned

Many flowering and fruiting plants are preferably pruned while they are dormant in late winter through early spring. Some, like spring blooming shrubs and trees, get new buds as soon as the old buds fall off. These need to be pruned after right flowering. If pruning is not done at this time, there is a risk of pruning off the new buds with the old ones. Other plants need to be continuously pruned so that they remain vigorous and in flower. If pruning is carried out at the wrong time of the year it may result in less fruits and also flowering. However, it may not harm the plant. Therefore, it is very important to prune a tree at the correct time. If pruning is done very late in the season, a lot of tender and new growth is encouraged which will be killed with the onset of winter.

The Time to Prune Different Trees

Here are a few groups of trees that require a different time for pruning:

Evergreen trees– Spruce and fir trees are best pruned during winter when they are still dormant. In early June to early July, evergreen trees such as pine are pruned, when the growth is in the ‘candle stage’. During late winter, the unwanted lower branches of all evergreen trees can be removed.

Deciduous trees– late winter or early spring is the best time to prune these kind of trees. That is, before the time they leaf out. There are some trees like maple that ‘bleed’ heavily if they are pruned in late winter or early spring. This heavy bleeding however doesn’t harm the tree. They won’t bleed to death and the flow of sap will gradually decrease and stop. Oaks are not pruned from April 1 to July 1 to prevent the spread of oak wilt. (A fungal disease that can kill an oak tree). The reason being, if you prune during this time, it may attract sap beetles carrying oak wilt fungus to the pruning cuts. February and March are very good months to prune deciduous trees. To prevent ‘leafing out’, pruning must be avoided during spring. At this period of time the tree’s energy reserve is low and the bark tears easily. Also, pruning during the fall is not a good time.

Fruit trees are best pruned in late February to early April. Grapevines are pruned in March or early April.

While pruning may be necessary, it is important to do it at the right time so as to not cause undue damage to the plants or trees. A Professional Tree  Service Company in Maryland can be called to help you with this.

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