Art Of Trimming Bonsai

bonsai trimming

What is a Bonsai?

Bonsai is an art of growing artificially dwarfed trees and shrubs in a pot; these are mostly used as ornamental trees which are available in smaller form. Like any other art creating a bonsai is also an art; it takes tremendous time and care for creating Bonsai. From a lemon, mango to a banyan tree, you can get any tree in a small pot. Its size can range from a few inches to 2 feet and provide you with fruits and flowers that the real sized trees can.

All about Bonsai trimming

A bonsai is created by trimming a normal tree from an early stage of its growth and continuous trimming is done to get the desired shape of the tree keeping in mind that it doesn’t grow beyond a particular height. It is grown in a pot which is usually not very big in size but once the bonsai is ready it gives the look of a real grown up tree which has reduced many times to its original size. Trimming a bonsai is a work of art, just like right strokes are important to create a beautiful painting, it is important to do the trimming the only as much as it is required or it may give the bonsai a shabby look. There are special tools used for this purpose, the cutter used for this task is called ‘wen’, the tip of which resembles to the beak of a parrot. This beak shaped tip helps to trim the small branches, leaves and buds accurately and in proper shape. There are different types of trimming methods used, depending on the type of tree which has to be developed as a Bonsai.

Before the trimming, the Bonsai should be removed from the pot and root ball should be kept in a tray containing water. It helps in better trimming by allowing you to remove excess soil from the roots. Regular trimming is very essential to retain their diminutive size or else the branches will start growing in improper way which will spoil the look of the plant. Over trimming can also be harmful for the plant. If required you can take help from a tree trimming professional who specializes in growing Bonsai.

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Pruning – Boon For The Health Of Trees


Trees are blessing of nature, they make our surroundings and our home look appealing. Be it an ornamental tree, a fruit tree or a tree which only provide shade, a tree always provides us something. But it is very important that we maintain trees to ensure their good health and they look more appealing. An unhealthy tree with weak branches can be very dangerous and can cause loss of property also. For this, it is important that we trim the trees on a regular basis.

Trimming for a healthy tree

Trees require to being maintained for a long and healthy life as much as we human beings need to. Trimming of diseased, weak, pest infested or dead branches of the tree keeps it healthy and ensures that the diseased part doesn’t affect the overall health of the tree. Regular trimming of trees makes them look healthy and it enhances the look of your house too. The removal of unwanted branches makes other parts of the tree flourished by drawing energy from the trunk and increases more production of flowers, fruits and leaves.

Saves from any damage

The pruning of weak and diseased part of the tree is very important as strong wind or heavy rainfall may cause that part to break and this might result to damage of your property. Sometimes trees if not trimmed from time to time may grow into power lines, this can be very dangerous as it may damage power lines and if a tree comes into the area of your garden then you might have to pay heavy fines for the damage.  A weak branch or tree can be fatal too if someone is standing around its radius and it falls. So always be watchful if a branch is weak and get it removed on time before it results to lead any further damage. Always seek professional tree trimming service for it.

 A healthy tree enhances its surroundings

Branches of a tree which is trimmed regularly don’t grow in a haphazard way. It enhances the look of the property and even increases the value of your property. Trees well maintained will yield more fruits and can be very beneficial for those who are fond of growing fruit trees.

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Why Stump Removal is Necessary?

stump removal

Natural disasters like hurricane and storms provide significant damage to the trees, unearth them and create a mess over the roads and in the yards. It is the time when the homeowners are not able to decide what exactly should be done with the mess around. Should the situation be left as it is or is it important to evacuate the tree stumps right away?

You may not feel like clearing the mess then, but you will have you. It’s important to remove the broken branches, the unearth trees and stump as soon as possible. Leaving them in the same situation can create more problems. There are two issues you need to sort out.

Removing the dead wood

The first step is abandoning the dead wood, stems and dead leaves from the yard before they become a sweet home for insects and various rodents. Initially they would not be a problem but sooner if you don’t clear them you may be invited some special quests into your house. Once they dwell in, they would become a threat to the health of the tree and moreover in worst case termites and ants may enter start to enter your house. Cut the trees down as soon as possible rather than doing the same later.

Remove dead trees

Dead trees lying in the backyard can be dangerous. When most part of the tree dries out, stems become brittle that’s when they are more hazardous. They may fall out anytime risking the life of humanity and property. Dead trees should be sooner removed when it dies out.

The cost of stump removal

It’s always recommended to hand over the job of clearing the yard to the experts of stump removal. They know well how to deal with them. The cost of removing stumps varies with the size and number of the stumps. Just make sure you research a bit before confirming a deal. There is a great deal in setting prices as they vary haphazardly. You can also for stump removal experts online through various websites that provide such services in reasonable cost and thereby also compare the prices accordingly.

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Why You Need To Hire A Tree Removal Expert?

tree removal

Most of the homemakers do think that they can themselves handle the yard work which involves trimming, planting, tree removal etc. But actually it does not seem like a do-it-yourself work for which you need to hire the concerned expert. It’s better to hire a professional tree remover or an arborist for the safety of your own, for your property and for the good health of the trees. Here are reasons why you it’s advisable to hire them:

Avoid injury

It’s quite dangerous to work upon trees by yourself. The caring they need may result in serious injury. For instance, the chainsaws used are detrimental for the homemakers to use or where the power lines are too close to the trees. In this case there are chances of being caught by an electric shock which can be quite risky. Also, not being a professional it is plausible to get hurt by falling or by the branch of trees etc. Since, the professional tree removers are expert in their field they can perform the same work with more efficiently and by avoiding the probable chances of danger.

Prevent Loss of property

There is no good reason than the loss of your property to hire a tree removal company. Often there are chances that heavy limbs of the trees fall over the property and cause damage. Even if you try to remove the part of the tree that seems unhealthy there is a possibility to develop again. The stump removal is very important which only a professional tree removal can remove successfully. They possess special equipment like the stump grinders with the help of which the stump can be removed without leaving any root binding under the earth.

Keep trees healthy

The hired professional tree removal also takes due care of the trees, keeping them healthy, trimming and pruning them when necessary and feeding them properly. Pruning of trees done incorrectly can invite unborn danger to the trees. This may lead to any unknown infection or disease. Only a professional best knows what different type of tree needs. They can best understand the nature of the tree and how to deal with them.

These were the worthy reasons to hire a tree removal expert.

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How I can get a free tree assessment?

Tree Pruning

It may not feel like it, but technically spring is here! Hard to tell with snow on the ground though. But soon enough the leaves will be popping on trees, the weather will warm up and the nasty, unpredictable winter will be a thing of the past.

Tree Pruning

Time, then to turn your attention to caring for your trees, although generally an asset to your landscape they need to be carefully inspected to identify any hazards such as broken, cracked, split limbs, rot, decay, deadwood and other conditions. We’ll also assess the need for routine maintenance pruning, something that should generally be done every 3-5 years, depending on the species, age and location of the tree.

While tending to your spring landscape maintenance, planting your annuals, mulching the plant beds and fertilizing the lawn, don’t ignore what could very possibly be the most important and irreplaceable, as well as possibly hazardous aspect of your landscape-your trees. Call the Tree Service professionals at Takoma Tree Expert’s LLC for a free visual inspection and estimate if any work needs to be done. Although we can never guarantee that a tree is safe, in fact no tree is ever completely safe, we can help to identify conditions that may increase risk.

With summer storms just a few short months away (and they don’t wait around for summer-we just had one a couple weeks ago that toppled numerous trees), get a jump start on pruning, maintenance or removal as well as abundant free advice. Some advantages to calling us now are lower prices-we tend to be less busy in late winter/early spring, minimal backlog, tree sap isn’t running yet, faster, easier cleanup due to no leaves on the trees, quicker estimates.

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Probable Expectations With Tree Removal

tree removal services

It becomes rather important to remove a tree when it tends to damage the property. It will be a beneficial step to get it removed. One should consult a professional tree arborist to get the tree removed as it will be quite dangerous to take on the task by yourself. Many significant factors depend upon the cost of tree removal most important being the size and type of the tree.

It’s advisable to take a second option from the local arborist regarding the health of the tree. They will better advise the next best step to be taken by examining it. Either it needs to be cured by giving proper treatment or it needs to be cut down immediately.

Reasons which impact the cost of removal are:

Height of the tree

The best time to get down a tree is when it reaches a height of 30ft as it is easy to cut and is economical too. Tree more than a height of 30ft is difficult to cut and also cover more costs. Moreover, cutting down a 60ft to 80ft tree like the black gum or pine tree involves more damage to the property with its falling branches.

Complete removal

If you are planning to get a tree removed which is likely to damage your property, there are many different services available, you can select from. A basic quote on getting down a tree doesn’t only include a stump removal. A good tree removal service claims to remove the entire tree which includes digging the soil and removing the root system. Some tree surgeons charge extra to remove the entire stump which includes the tree system.

Special conditions

The charges of tree removal also go up in certain special conditions. These situations involve complications while removing like any utility lines in the close proximity which is plausible to get damaged during the process. Or in cases when the tree is located very close to the property which could cause damage while getting it down. In such cases roping process is opted to avoid any accidents. In return, of assurance of these possible incidents to not likely to take place, the tree removal service providers charge extra amount of money.

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Proper Pruning Will Increase Fruit Tree Production

tree pruningTree pruning is a horticultural activity that involves selective removal of parts of plants like buds, roots or branches. Pruning is done to remove deadwood, shaping the plant by controlling or directing the growth, reducing the risk of weak or diseased branches to fall, both harvesting and increasing the yield or quality of fruits. Arborists and orchardist use various garden and tree cutting tools for pruning. To ensure healthy fruit trees you should regularly trim them.

Ratio of trimming

The trimming of the trees is done to a specific ratio to its size; this is termed as Golden ratio. Different fruit trees have different ratio according to their species, but most of the trees should be trimmed 20% of their total branches. This ratio denotes that the tree should not be trimmed more than this; otherwise it may damage the health of the tree. An Arborist can help you with this, as he has knowledge about different tree species.

What to cut

The type of tree decides what branches have to be trimmed; an apple tree’s branches are longer near the tree’s center, whereas, lime or lemon tree has branches that tend to fan outwards. When pruning, there is a particular focal point for trimming. There are two important points to be kept in mind for what type of branches to be trimmed, firstly, the weak branches which cannot take the weight of the fruits and might bend. Secondly, the branches that reach distances should be trimmed because they can’t be reached at the time of fruit plucking. Professional help should be taken from tree trimming services, as they can determine which branches needs to be trimmed.

Importance of proper Pruning

If Pruning is done properly a strong tree can be created. Too much of leaves shouldn’t be trimmed because the leaves cover the fruits. Leaves also protect the fruits from skin damage, cold winds and dew (which can cause blackening). Mature trees are kept at a low height of around 2 to 2.5 mt. At this height the fruits remain in easy reach, this also allows pollinating, harvesting and it’s easier to do pruning from the ground.

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Your Guide To Finding The Right Arborist For Tree Removal

tree removalTrees are nature’s gift to us which not only enhance the beauty of our surroundings but also provide us with fruits, wood, prevent soil erosion and shade which keeps our surroundings cool. But if the trees get old or get diseased they might be dangerous and cause damage to property. Sometimes the trees have to be removed for new constructions or renovation of the house.

Why hire a tree removal expert?

But trees can’t be removed just like that; they need to be removed after taking advice from an Arborist. An Arborist is an expert in tree removal. Before removing a tree one should consult an arborist and take their advice so that tree removal can be done without disturbing or harming the orderliness of the surroundings. An experienced tree Arborist explores the best possible way of removing a tree. For removing a tree, expertise; experience and equipment are required. An Arborist has the tools, skills and resources to remove tree successfully.

Advantages of hiring tree arborist

An arborist keeps various issues in mind before removing a tree. He sees how old the tree is, how deep the roots of the tree are, what impact it will have on surrounding if the tree falls, what all equipment will be required and create a team which will help him in tree removal and finally he will remove the tree without causing any damage to its surroundings or your property.

Before removing a tree, Arborist will study all best possible options for success in tree cutting procedure.  Tree cutting is not done by only saw; it requires many other equipment and experts who know well how to use them. Only an Arborist know best what all equipments will be required in cutting down a tree. Sometimes the tree is located near electric cables or poles or close to a building, in such cases it is very difficult to remove the tree; as the roots or long branches might cause damage, the arborist will make sure that the deep roots are removed in a certain way that they don’t damage underground cables or the branches don’t damage the building or electric poles. Only a professionally tree Arborist can remove trees in a right way.

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Advantages Derived From Tree Removal Services

tree removalTrees are a blessing for us by Mother Nature. They not only beautify our surroundings but are beneficial for us in several ways. Because of their valuable importance various laws have been made to stop illegal cutting down of trees.

Importance of tree removal

The contribution of trees to healthy environment can’t be denied, but sometimes tree removal is important. It happens in case the tree is unhealthy or old and on the verge of falling down. Such trees are a great threat as they might fall down with strong wind and may cause danger to life or property. The roots of old trees which go very deep can cause crevices in the flooring and walls. Such deep roots can even damage pipelines or underground wirings or other utilities.

Necessity of tree removal services

The trees which grow too high might also cause inconvenience or hazards. The branches of such trees might stretch towards electric cables or even obstruct view. While constructing a new house or a building, trees which come in the area of construction are also cut down to make space for construction. The trees or the branches which get diseased can fall any time on any electrical pole nearby or even on house/building causing damage to property also.

To remove or cut down such trees specially equipped Tree Removal services are hired. The tree removal services are specially trained in cutting down or removing trees from the root with the help of various machineries provided to them. They make sure that the tree is safely removed without causing further damage or no damage at all. If the problem is known at right time lot of danger and damage can be avoided. The difficulty in removing any tree depends on where the tree is located, how old the tree is or how deep the roots of the tree are, also if the tree is near any building, electric pole or parking place. The tree removal service providers keep all these things in mind before taking further action.


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Methods Used When Pruning- Tree Service Know How

tree pruningIf you thought hacking off branches and shedding off yellow leaves is what pruning is all about, you are wrong for that might bring more damage by causing deformation of tree landscape or inducing weaknesses. However tree pruning with proper techniques can improve health, enhance quality of flowers, fruits and leaves. They make the tree look thick and in shape.

So what is pruning?

It is the removal of unwanted parts of plants to divert flow of nutrients to other needy parts. It also restricts spreading of diseases.

Firstly, When to prune?

Prune trees during winter as they are mostly dormant and you can easily distinguish older branches from new ones due to lack of foliage. But never in autumn as diseased spores are abundant that time. In summer you can do the same after flowering period.

Tools that you need

Hand pruners, Loppers, Shears and saws.

Pruning Techniques you need to skill at:

Pruning is generally done at a location where growth will occur for example near a bud or a branch. When pruning to a bud, professional pruning companies cut at an angle of 35-45 degree with its lowest point near the bud. Never cut too near, else the bud might die out of desiccation.

For large heavy branches cut on the underside of the branch about a half or one-third way through. This prevents skinning out the tree bark due to the weight of the branch. When pruning branches off a main branch, always put the hook of your shears away from the main branch. This prevents damaging the branch collar.

Special cases:

Pruning the Evergreen Juniper:

You can start pruning evergreens early. However evergreens do not need severe pruning; remove dead branches whenever you want. Be cautious don’t cut narrow-leaved evergreens beyond the foliage, as older tissues contain adventitious buds which can cause damage. For broad-leaved ones cut 1/3rd at a time, but not more, that reduces fruit yield.

Maintaining vines through pruning:

This is one place that demands regular tree pruning. Prune out top 1-3rd portion of overgrowth. Leave the climbing branches. This enhances flowering.

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