When You Have the Need for Tree Pruning?

Tree Pruning

Tree has many parts like branches and buds etc. Tree pruning is necessary to remove dead and diseased parts. It is a process that is very important for keeping trees healthy. Another reason for tree pruning is controlling the growth of trees as some of its branches may become dangerous to the surrounding property. The process of removing dead branches is known as dead wooding.

Since diverse techniques are used for pruning, it requires a diverse set of tools too. Some of them are pruning saws, pruning shears, head shears, loping shears and blades. Type of tool used also depends on the size of the tree. For example long pruners are used for cutting distant branches of the tree. Accessories are also available in the market for pruning trees. A single tool head can be used with different handles. Sometimes a scissor might also be used for cutting very soft branches. Tree pruning companies have their specialized set of tools.

Different Types Of Pruning

Some of the basic pruning cuts are:


Thinning is done for removing old, dead and diseased parts of a tree. It helps in improving growth of a tree. Sometimes all the branches of a tree are removed and only the trunk is left. It is the most extreme form of thinning process. This type of pruning is usually done on young trees. Results have shown that pruning of young trees help them in achieving higher growth. It is a kind of exercise regime for young trees.

Size reduction

Sometimes reducing the size of a tree becomes necessary. The reasons may include creating a passage for people and vehicles etc. If a new construction is taking place near the tree, size reduction is required. Overgrown branches coming close to utility lines also need a cut.

When Pruning Should Be Done?

In most cases pruning should be done once a year. For some trees, winter is the most suitable time for pruning. In others, pruning can be done in summers.  If a tree is dead or doesn’t bear leaves, then pruning also becomes necessary to avoid HOA violaions and to maintain the beauty of the property.

Some people like to take care of trees themselves. It is a good thing but make sure that you have the necessary knowledge, skills and tools. If you lack any one of them call professional tree pruning services. It is in the best interest of your trees.    


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Tree Cutting – Some Basic Tips and Ideas

emergency tree removal

It is difficult for an old tree to hold the ground properly, which makes it risky for nearby people and property. A tree leaning dangerously over a house or power lines or a transformer is also dangerous. Tree damaged due to storm. In all these situations, it is clear that emergency tree removal is an absolute necessity.

Tree Removal – Equipment’s You Should Have

Handheld equipment’s

Ladder, ax, powerful chainsaw for cutting large trees, rope are some basic equipment’s that you will need for doing this job.


Most professional tree removal companies always bring crane with them. Crane will not only help in removing trees but will help in taking a good look at a situation. This is important because in case of high trees you cannot access the situation properly from the ground.

First aid and protective kit

You need to wear protective gear like goggles, helmets and gloves all the time, whether you are inspecting the tree or cutting it down. Take all the precautions necessary. Even then, if something goes wrong keep a first aid kit for giving basic treatment before emergency services can arrive at the scene.

Things You Need To Do

Review the situation

Take a look at the direction in which the tree is leaning. Make sure that the tree does not fall on nearby buildings. Make an emergency plan, if in case things get worse.

Price estimation

Total cost of tree cutting depends on variety of factors. The more services you will need the more you have to pay. First is the size of the tree. Cutting heavy and large tree is more expansive. Other additional charges incur for moving the tree, for cutting the tree in small pieces, for chipping and for grinding services. Discuss the pricing in detail in a piece of paper before you hire someone.

Tree cutting is a dangerous job. Reading will give you theoretical knowledge but it is not enough. You need to have proper gear and training before undertaking such risky job. Hiring a professional tree removal service is the best way of dealing with unwanted trees. Also you will need proper paper work and insurance before cutting down a tree.     

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Storm Damage Trees – What You Should Do

Storm damage tree services

Loses occurred due to storm damage trees can be controlled. All you need to do is take prior action before things get out of hand.

Things to do before the storm

Take care of your trees before the arrival of storm season. We will tell you how. (Storm damage tree prevention treatment) will keep you trees safe in rough weather situations.

Tree trimming and pruning

Tree trimming and pruning are necessary for maintaining good health of the trees. It includes removing of overgrown branches. Adding supporting system to the weak trees so that they can withstand natural forces like rain, snow, hail and wind. Tree is also cleaned during this process. Dust and chemicals are removed from the trees. Removal of toxic materials is essential for a healthy tree.

Removing tree

If in case a tree is incurable and becomes a threat to the nearby people and property, it should be removed. Also trees get old and die. You should always call professional tree removing services.

Things to do after the storm

Access the damage

Accessing the damage is the first thing that you need to do after the storm is over. Take proper safety precautions before climbing or getting on the damaged trees. Remember a damaged tree is a serious risk to one’s safety.  It’s best if you will let the tree company do their job.  This will give you an idea about which tree needs removal and which tree needs treatment. Lightning is a major cause of tree damage. Leaning tree must be immediately removed. Trees also get ill after the storm. Sometimes decay is caused from the inside, which is difficult to find out in early stages. Fungi may be the reason for this kind of decay. Arborist is the only person who can tell you precisely what is wrong with your tree and also suggest the remedies.

Many Storm damage tree services have popped up out of nowhere. Take a close look at details like license to operate, previous experience, equipment’s that they will use, do they have trained manpower and the insurance that they are providing. Get reference from your family and friends. You can also call some of their customers and ask about their services.     

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Emergency – A Grave Situation That Occurs Without Warning and Demands A Quick And Immediate Response

Emergency tree storm services

By definition an emergency is an extremely serious situation. In order to minimize the damage urgent action is needed. During storm season falling of trees can cause havoc. It poses danger to human lives. In situations like this property worth millions can get destroyed. This is where emergency tree storm services comes in. They play a pivotal role in diffusing the crisis.

Why Use an Emergency Tree Storm Service

An emergency situation is not always in epic proportions. A tree about to fall on a nearby transformer can be termed as an emergency situation. Similarly, situations like a fallen tree blocking road or highway, tree fallen due to storm or other severe weather condition or a tree threatening a house in close proximity are all emergency scenarios. Quick action is needed to resolve the situation.

How to Choose an Emergency Tree Storm Service

First thing you need to know is estimates are absolutely free. It is a competitive market. So check out the pricing of various service providers. Give priority to the service provider that follows ISA standards.

Response time

This is one of the most important criteria. In situations like these, response time must be minimum and well within 2 to 3 hours. Company should offer 24 hour, 365 day service. It should respond quickly to calls, emails, messages or any other form of communication.


For dealing with emergency situations one needs professional up to date equipments. While a ladder is useful in case of small trees, crane is needed to handle large ones. You need machines for cutting trees in small parts for carrying them easily. Workers should have proper safety gears.

Experience and well trained staff

You cannot substitute experience with anything. Company must have prior experience in dealing with these kinds of situations.


Does the company offer insurance to workers in case of an accident.  Also, what kind of insurance company provides for property damage.

Satisfied customers

Call their customers and ask questions related to the services they are giving. Choose the one that has the most satisfied customers.

With human lives at stake, the role of emergency tree storm services becomes much more important. Call them quickly before the situation gets out of hand.      

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An Idea About Tree Pruning And Trimming – What You Should Know

Tree Pruning

Trees are always changing their form. Their branches grow and leafs increase and decrease in number. Constant changes are happening in the physical appearance of a tree. But in our metropolitan environment changes need to be managed. So tree pruning and trimming becomes essential.

Why is tree pruning and trimming necessary

Healthy tree for healthy environment

Diseased branches consume resources that otherwise will aid the growth of a tree. Toxic substances in the air are also harmful for the tree. These substances form a layer on the outside of a tree. Tree Pruning improves the health of a tree by cutting away dead, diseased and overgrown branches. Tree pruning and trimming also removes harmful substances and insects. So, more fruits will grow on a fruit tree and more flowers on a flower tree. A healthy tree grows faster and lives longer.    

Increased safety of tree

Sometimes long branches can come in contact with electrical wires and transformers near the tree. If this happens tree will catch fire. This is a grave situation which can lead to fire in the nearby buildings or houses. Situation like this will endanger the lives of people and cause damage to the property. Tree pruning and trimming will stop this from happening.

Safety of people and property around tree

Overgrown tree can obstruct traffic both vehicular and human, which in turn will result in accident. It can also fall down during bad weather situations like hail, storm and heavy snowfall. Again endangering human lives and causing property damage.

Enhancing beauty of the landscape 

A properly trimmed tree looks good and also enhances the beauty of its surrounding.

Hire a skilled tree pruning and trimming services.

Let’s be very clear about it, tree pruning is a risky job. Never try to do it yourself. It should be done only by the trained professionals. They will bring the equipments and manpower necessary to complete the job safely.

Check the license of the company you are hiring. You can request a copy from them.

Check the kind of insurance they are offering. Request a copy of insurance papers too.

There are many tree pruning and trimming companies that are offering their services in the market. Cautiously evaluate their services before taking a final call.

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Tree Removal- Things You Need To Know

tree removal

Tree removal is a specialist’s job. Many people think removing a tree means taking a saw and cutting it down. It’s not that simple. One has to take care of people and property around that particular tree. Not to mention taking care of landscaper while cutting a tree.

Why Tree Removal is Important?

Trees are alive. But sometimes it becomes necessary to remove some of them especially when they pose danger to human lives or are dead, in which case deteriorating the value of the property. We have to remove trees if they are dead, leaning dangerously over a house or if the tree has fallen on something. Trees can fall due to bad weather situation like storm or losing grip of the ground. Whatever the reasons may be? Tree removal services are there to help you.

Benefits of tree removal services

These services will first evaluate the situation and then device a plan of action. They will not do some random cut it and take it job.

They will take care of properties (both commercial and residential) nearby the tree. Cutting down a tree has its own problems. It may fall down on other buildings or people. While cutting it come in contact with the electricity cables or telephone lines. One has to make sure that it falls down on a safe location.      

If you want to remove the tree form one location and plant it in another place. Hire a professional tree removing service because once a tree is cut it is very difficult to keep it alive.

They will bring high end equipments with them like cranes stump grinders, chippers and log loaders etc. 

After removing the tree you need to clean up the area. No worries if you have hired a professional tree removing service, they will clean up the area once the work is completed.

Before hiring someone always ask about their licensing and the kind of insurance cover they will provide. If you are not satisfied call another service provider.   

Conclusion- Please understands that removing tree is a dangerous task. If done in unprofessional manner it can cause loss of life and property. For safe tree removal it is necessary that we let the experienced professionals do their job. They will remove the trees in the most safe, clean and efficient manner.  

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How to cut tree limbs that are too high to reach?

Tree removal

When tree branches get too close to the building, it is time to trim them. Windblown branches can frequently rub against the surface, it can incise through the shingles and other roof materials, spoil paint, tear down the roof and sidings.

  • A pole saw with a 12 foot extension handle or a pruner can be used to cut tree limbs that are too high to reach. If the branches are smaller but higher, pole saw loppers can be used. They can cut a diameter of 1½ inches. The loppers can be placed over the branch and a rope can be used to pull off the branch. Pole saw is simple to use. All you have to do is pull the cord and the blades will do the rest of the work.
  • Before analyzing the cut, one needs to see if there is any danger involved. What needs to be done if pole saw gets jammed? Are there any electrical wires that can damage the pole saw? When a limb is cut, where will it fall? Look out for dead or diseased branches.
  • Identify the tall branches that need to be cut. Locate the branch collar (where the branch joins the stem) and cut the lower branches before moving on higher branches. Operate the pole saw from the ground as much as possible by adjusting its length. Do not stand under the branch while removing branches as it might fall on you.
  • Use a rope to move the saw and place the blade just outside the branch collar. Make a superficial cut just outside the branch collar. Do not cut into the branch collar.
  • Then make a subsequent cut on top of the branch, a bit away from the first cut. Cut all the way through the branch which will leave a short stub.
  • Cut the stub which should be close to the branch collar. Remember not to cut the collar.
  • Do not prune more than 1/4th of a tree’s living branch at the same time. Do not top the crown as it can harm the growth of the tree.

If the tree limbs are too high to reach, it is time to call an arborist from a tree care company. Many tree removal companies hire cranes or rope and a climbing saddle, hand saws to cut branches that are too high. Always check if they have been in the business for a while, check their references, insurance, etc. before hiring them.

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Do hanging tree branches pose a safety threat to my home?

Tree Services

Greenery has been the order of the day. With the increase in self consciousness among individuals taking the degrading environment, there has been an increase in tree plantation.

But with the old trees extending their branches, have you ever had a thought if these hanging tree branches pose a safety threat or not? Is it okay to not cut them? What will happen if we keep them as it is? There are lots of supporting questions to go about it and you may need to hire a tree service company to assist you.

Threats to Home

As beautiful as they look, these hanging branches can be fatal as well. As the tree which are planted ages ago mostly tend of have the hanging branches, with this they also have deep rooted origins which can cause cracks in the house or building if they keep on spreading.

Also there is a tension of water seepage followed by the cracks. This dampens the walls and gives an awful look and smell to the rooms.

Many times if the branches are hovering over the house then there might be a threat of the branch falling over the roof may be because it’s old or on the verge of breaking, which can crack the roof and may even lead to more fatal situation later.

Threats to Kids at Home

The  juveniles back home are the most carefree back home. They need large space around them to play freely. Especially in the gardens, this has its own charm amidst the nature. But if there ares branches protruding out of the tree then there are chances of the kids getting hurt.

Other possible threats

Various other things such as vehicles, people walking on the street, cart pullers, garbage pickers etc. may pose threat from the hanging branches also. Especially when at night its completely dark such things can be misleading to the driver and can lead to accidents.

If accidentally the tree branch falls on ground then it can damage the wires, fences, and can also block the road. Many times vehicles parked on road get damaged due to this reason. People on the road might get hurt if all of a sudden the tree falls on them and can lead to serious injury.

Hence regular tree trimming of the big and old trees is important to avoid such accidents.

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During a Windstorm, One of the First Priorities is Tree Removal

tree removal

A devastating windstorm is the least you could ask for. If you are by any chance, affected by a windstorm recently, then this article is for you.  It’s a horrifying experience to wake up after a windstorm. You could see everything in your neighborhood being drifted apart. The trees near your house or in the area you live would have been uprooted or fallen apart causing a huge mess to passersby. Imagine if the wind has blown in a slightly different direction, the trees would have fallen on someone’s house and would have caused terrible damage to people and their property.

So during or after a windstorm, we take some preventive steps to keep ourselves safe. One of the significant steps is Tree Removal. The removal of fallen trees is very important to do while a windstorm is struck. Some trees may have fallen completely on the ground and a few may have their branches and bark broken. Specialized tree removal services by arborists are available for your help.  All you need is to give them a call and they will come to your place, do a basic evaluation and help you in removing the trees with the help of specialized equipment.

Measures taken during tree removal:

One has to be very careful while removing the trees after a windstorm. Steps that need to be taken before tree removal are:

Caution board

A work in progress safety board has to be kept in the work area. So that it acts as a caution for people passing by, especially kids.


Suitable transportation has to be arranged for the transportation of the cut trees and debris so that they don’t cause inconvenience to anyone.


The location where the trees are to be removed after a windstorm has to be inspected thoroughly before commencing the work. There may be power lines lying beneath the ground, which has to be taken care while digging the roots.

Choosing the right method

Total tree removal or only pruning has to be decided appropriately depending on the circumstances.

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Safe Stump Grinding Services

Stump Grinding

One of the most useful living things on earth is a tree. Growing trees invite rainfall and increase oxygen, thereby reducing air pollution. A tree is generally cut if it causes encumbrance to the society or an individual. It takes a lot of time and effort to cut a tree. Skilled professional and necessary tools are needed to chop all the branches and trunk of a tree. Generally a small portion of the trunk is left on the ground when a tree is removed. That small leftover portion of the trunk till the root is called ‘Stump’. Leaving the stump on the ground could be a cause of concern for the passersby. So it is wise to remove the stump completely. This method is called Stump Grinding which is done with a help of specialized equipment and professional arborist.

In order to avoid any risks associated with Stump Grinding, the professional has to keep these steps mentioned below in mind during the process.


Safety is the most important aspect of Stump Grinding process. The place where the stump has to be removed should be secure. Any rock or debris causing hindrance should be removed from the spot before the grinding starts. The grinding equipment should be comprehensively checked before operation. Appropriate safety clothing and equipment have to be worn as per industry standards.

Consulting Local Authorities

The local authorities are to be consulted before starting a stump grinding service to ensure there is no electricity or water pipeline beneath or near the stump grinding area. Also any shrubs or trees near the stump grinding area have to removed or pruned for the stump grinder to perform properly.

Following Instruction

One has to understand and follow all the instructions and guidelines for stump grinding. Physical fitness and capability is very important in operating heavy and bulky stump grinders.


Be vigilant in keeping the onlookers and passersby at a safe distance from the spot when the grinder is in operation. It is necessary to erect a Warning Sign to keep public especially children away from the working area. You should thus make sure that you hire a professional stump grinding company.

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