What is the difference between stump removal and stump grinding


In some circumstances, even after a tree has been cut or has fallen off its place, you will see that the tree stump remains for a long time. This small portion of the tree trunk is stuck in the roots of the ground where the tree once stood. In some cases, the trees regenerate out of these stumps while in others they don’t. Stump removal is essential to clear the space for growing another tree.

Removing the stump can be performed in two ways: Tree Stump Removal or Tree Stump Grinding. You need to know the difference to know which one is better for the stump portion.

Stump Removal Technique

In stump removal techniques, you would find that the whole stump along with the root ball of the tree is removed. This is considered to be a slightly difficult process. Normally, when the tree grows, the root ball grows along with it. You would find that the root ball expands considerably giving in to large root sizes. General size of the root ball would be about four to ten times the size of a tree. This is why the root ball removal is considered challenging by most stump removal professionals. Once the root ball is removed using stump removal techniques, you would find that there is a huge hole in the ground, where the tree stood once.

Stump Grinding Technique

Once the tree has been cut to ground level or removed, the stump is removed using the stump grinding technique. While performing tree stump grinding, the stump is first grounded using a stump grinder into small pieces. These small pieces are such that they can be used as a ground cover or a mulch. After the stump is grounded using the grinder, till it is a few inches below the earth, the portion is covered by dirt and dust. After a period of time, the portion will decay along with the roots surrounding it.

Which Technique is Better?

Stump grinding is a more economical and time saving option as compared to stump removal for tree stump removal . You won’t find a hole at the end of the stump removal with this technique. It is always good to hire stump removal professionals as they know the techniques and tools well.

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The key essentials for good tree pruning

tree removal

Tree pruning is definitely one of the most carefully administered tree care techniques. Why, when and how to prune the trees will help you administer the landscaping services in a better way.

Why Prune Trees?

There are various reasons why you generally prune the trees. You may want more fruits or flowers to bloom on the tree or you may want to maintain that tree at a particular size. It is also possible that you want replenish the old shrubs or care for the tree in such a way that it grows well from the roots to the branches. Sometimes a tree injury or maintaining the tree’s health are also reasons for pruning trees. Generally a professional arborist is hired to conduct tree pruning to avoid injuries.

Key Essentials to Good Pruning Techniques

Before you begin pruning, you need to study the tree you are planning to prune. Begin your study from the top and go all the way to the bottom of the tree. Heard of 1/3 and 1/4 pruning rules? You should not remove more than 1/4 of the tree’s crown in any pruning season. Main side branches while conducting tree pruning services should be 1/3 parts smaller than the diameter. Allow side branches forming 1/3 angles off vertical to grow.

Prune trees that have a single trunk. You need to identify the lead trunk and its branches before you proceed with your tree care techniques. If the tree faces any pruning cuts, don’t hide them as hiding won’t prevent decay. Your most ideal pruning tool should be the one hand shear and it should be sharp.

In case of high branches, it is better that you hire a professional arborist to conduct tree pruning services. In case the trees have large branches, you should make a cut along the outer portion of the bark of the branch and its swollen area. Make sure there is no stub that protrudes outside while you are pruning. In some trees, the limb would be too small and would not have formed a collar. Establish pruning techniques to cut limbs at such times.

If you are simply cutting a small branch short while pruning trees, then you should cut the lateral bud. You should always cut the bud along a branch that will grow in a defined direction using a good pruning tool.

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What is the difference between trimming and pruning a tree?

tree removal

Trimming and pruning are excellent aspects of landscaping services. While tree trimming is essentially applied to shrubs and hedges, pruning is meant  for tress and shrubs. Both tree services are performed at different times using different equipment to make the garden aesthetic and healthy.

Trimming vs. Pruning

Tree pruning is performed in order to protect the tree or shrub while trimming is performed to ensure perfect growth of the shrub or hedge. Tree trimming service on the other hand is done to remove overgrown bushes which prevents the shrub from receiving enough moisture and light. Tree pruning service involves removal or dead or loose or infected branches so that the shrub can flourish properly. It is also done to give a particular shape to the shrub for aesthetic purposes.

The Equipment Used

Tree pruning tool involves shear which are available in two types, hand shears and lopping shears. Hand shears can be held using one hand and is typically used to remove buds and leaves. Lopping shears have a foot long handle that’s used to cut thick branches. In case the branches are very thick, instead of shears landscaping services use saws to prune the tree.

Shears, which is ideally a tree pruning tool,  can be used as tree trimming tool. But, in order to trim branches of a hedge, shears are not used. A hedge trimmer, either electric or gas powered is the ideal tree trimming tool.

Timing & Frequency

In normal cases, tree trimming service is performed twice in a year while pruning is done annually. But, the frequency of these tree services ideally depends on the plant species in question. If it is a flowering tree, tree pruning service should be done by late June immediately after the blooming cycle.

In case of a summer flowering tree, spring and winter are ideal seasons to prune the tree. If you are planning to trim the hinges on  a shrub or the hedge for aesthetics then the ideal season would be the flowering season. In order to benefit the health of the shrub, tree trimming should be done before it reaches growth level of 1 foot.

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Tree Safety Tips

Tree removal

Removing or pruning a tree

Any tree, even small ones can be a dangerous task that should only be left to trained professionals. Even though landscapers, and other green industry companies advertise tree pruning and removal, a thorough knowledge of chainsaws and their safe use is paramount. When getting bids don’t just ask about the trees themselves, ask about safety training. Many companies utilize tailgate safety sessions, videos, field manuals, practice climber rescue techniques and other “real life” scenarios.

Anybody can claim to be able to remove or prune a tree, but landscapers and lawn companies usually do what they do best and aren’t well versed in tree safety procedures-such as call and response, utilizing “Hi-Vee” ropes for visibility and differentiation between climbing and rigging, being able to discern or distinguish various types of lines or wires running through and around trees, or being able to properly do a pre-climb or pre-work inspection of the site or tree, looking for and identifying hazards or potential problem areas. They often don’t have the proper equipment, nor would they know how to use it if they did.

Although not directly related to safety, as an aside a prospective customer recently called Takoma Tree Expert’s LLC and wanted someone to make a determination as to why cables, recently installed by another “company” were constantly falling out. Cabling involves installing steel wire cables between two trunks by various means-suffice it to say that like everything else there are proper and improper ways to do so as well as industry specifications describing proper materials, and installation techniques that professionals follow.

It took only a glance up into the tree for Takoma Tree Experts’ estimator to determine that the customer had been duped and had thrown good money away: What had been installed in her tree was very light duty, hardware store junk-something a hobbyist might use for a home project-nothing resembling the extra high strength cable or lag bolts that professionals and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) recommend was used.

I bring this up in a discussion that started out about safety to point out that there are many ways to identify less than professional companies and clearly someone who does not have knowledge of basic cabling systems or any other aspect of tree work for that matter very likely does not adhere to recommended safety practices-in other words, if you meet with an estimator or if an estimate is simply left at your door, follow up with questions regarding specifications, safety practices, ask if they follow ANSI Z133 safety protocols. If you get a response like: Huh? or “I’ll get back to you on that” or “ANSI who?” you might want to keep shopping.

Most landscapers and non-tree guys representing themselves as arborists do have a working knowledge of trees-they may know basic pruning cuts, might be able to care for shrubs, saplings, very small ornamental trees with a handsaw, but when it comes to climbing, using a chainsaw in the crown of a tree, or removing limbs over a residence you want to defer to a professional.

I understand the lure of low price-it’s seductive, it’s a prime consideration for most customers, certainly everyone wants to save money and customers may tend not to ask the hard questions when comparing estimates where one is half price of another-but in an industry where there are few second chances price alone shouldn’t be the primary consideration (we receive in our office every month a newsletter and magazine from TCIA-Tree Care Industry Association, detailing fatalities and injuries in the tree business-most of the victims were not professionals-although it doesn’t make for light reading, it’s always an eye opener).

We recommend that you shop professional tree companies to perform, well… professional tree service-saving money is great, but not at the cost of subpar work, cables that fall out, improper pruning cuts that won’t heal, and most of all at the risk of injury or worse.

So ask questions, do research, and realize that not just anybody running around in a truck with a chainsaw can do tree work safely or properly-why pay to have someone ruin your trees or themselves on your property?

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How to remove a tree stump effectively?


Have you just removed that tree that was threatening your landscape? Well, that’s good! But, what about the stump that stayed behind? You don’t need to stay with it forever. Getting the tree stump removed is the best form of landscaping services

The Need to Remove Tree Stumps

Tree stump can make your landscape look very unappealing to the eyes. Moreover, your tree stumps attract insects and termites. They are sharp edged, so if you happen to trip over it, you will surely have a painful fall. Apart from the basic reasons, Feng Shui also has its own reasons, for not having a tree stump. They are similar to a tomb stone, having an unpleasantness associated with it. It’s best to go ahead with tree stump removal, best form of landscaping services

Tree Stump Removal Techniques

If you are planning to get the tree stump removed, there are three techniques that professional stump removal services utilize: mechanical, decomposition and digging.

Mechanical:Possibly the quickest method for stump removal services; needs you to use a stump grinding machine which possess a large flywheel with cutting teeth. The person operating this machine will move the cutting teeth across the stump such that it is ground little by little. The efficiency of the grinding machine depends on largeness of cutting teeth in case of mechanical stump removal.

Decomposition: This is basically chemical decomposition of the tree stump. This process takes a long time, depends on the kind of tree, type of soil and on how large the remaining stump is.

Digging: This is the third way of removing the stump from its place. If the stump is small, you can remove it using a backhoe or normal machinery used for excavation. You can keep digging till the soil around the stump loosens.

Stump Removal Services

You can hire professional stump removal services. Get a quote from  stump removal services before you hire them. It’s always good to make them have a look at the stump you are planning to get removed. If possible go for mechanical stump removal as it’s the best method.


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What are the benefits of tree removal services?


Are your trees growing haphazardly in an uncontrollable manner? You could probably consider tree removal services. No, its the most popular way to save the tree that could probably damage your property with its waywardly growth. You can reap in several benefits by appointing this service.

Saves Time & Money

In case you are planning to get the tree removed all by yourself, you might want to reconsider the decision. You will invest a lot more time and with improper tools you may make the tree removing task even more difficult. You not only save time by hiring a company for tree removal or tree pruning services but, also a lot of money. Overgrown trees can destruct your walls or sewers and the repair charges are much higher than the charges of getting a tree removed. By hiring tree removal services, you save money as they are affordable and offer good services.

Safety Concerns

Tree pruning or removal services on a regular basis keeps your house safe. The overgrowing roots can weaken the base of your house. For example, the roots that grow beneath not only spoil the look of your landscape but also damage your property, driveway and other structures that obstruct its path. This could be unsafe to you and your home. Hiring a company offering tree services can be a good idea as despite having an insurance, you might face repair charges to be paid of your pocket

Well Equipped to Perform

If you go about pruning or trimming the trees of your own, you might injure yourself. Not being trained to remove the tree or not having the proper equipment could be disadvantageous for you. Hiring the right company could in fact save you from these injuries while removing the tree that poses a threat to your landscape and property.

Keeps your Landscape Clean

You can repair the look of your landscape by trimming or pruning your trees. By hiring tree services, you can enhance the look of your outdoors by actually investing a little less on labor and money. Moreover, you safeguard your house in the process.

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Why winter is a good time to prune trees?

0000eWinter is the time of the year when trees around you go dormant. They hit the hibernation mode, resting well, so that when Spring comes in they are ready to welcome it. So, why should you prune trees during winters, when they are busy doing nothing? Let’s try and understand why prune trees at all before we move on to understand the reason associated with pruning trees in winters

Why Prune Trees?

When you are pruning trees, you actually removing the dead or dying parts of the tree which have been infected by insects, bacteria etc. This way you are helping the tree growth process and improving the appearance of the tree. In short, you are providing various benefits to the trees and the landscape around it.

Pruning in Winters

In growing seasons, if you prune trees, you leave them open to be infected by bacterial and fungal infections. Also, the cut trees release an odor that attract insects and other types of pests around it thus spreading diseases. But, in Winters you will notice trees enter dormant state. Hence, they are less vulnerable to the risk of infections and diseases caused by pruning. Also at this time, the trees slow down sugar uptake to the leaves for photosynthesis unlike growing seasons. They can use up the stored energy towards healing their wounds caused by pruning trees in winters. Also, in winters you can view the branch structure correctly thus determining the right area to make cuts in for proper growth of trees. You can even get a good idea of dead, damaged or dying trees during Winters. As you can go near the tree, the tree  removal cost goes economical during winters.

Why Hire a Professional?

If you are planning to prune trees, always hire a professional pruning services. A professional knows the safe way to get the pruning done without injuring himself. A professional would be able to make the right decisions on use of equipment. Hiring a professional pruning service helps determine the right cuts in the tree helping it grow healthily and tree removal cost becomes economical

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How to Choose the Best Crane Service Company?

crane service

Cranes have become essentials in today’s industries. This equipment is used to carry heavy loads which are beyond men’s ability . This is made possible due to the pulleys and cables attached inside the cranes.  It’s with the help of such heavy equipment that the efficient workflow in warehouses, various production areas and even in a number of factories. is carried out. In fact, this very equipment is mostly advocated in building sites. Yet, not every business has the capacity to buy cranes. One single unit can end up being very costly. Even to maintain one is expensive.

And thus it is highly recommended to hire the crane from various companies. Mentioned below are some tips which you can follow before you hire a crane.

Understand Your Needs

When hiring a crane services business, you might be shown types of cranes. You need to know the particular demands of your industry on which to pick.  Additionally, there are the ones which are labelled as tower, which are used for creating skyscrapers, floating that are accustomed to construct bridges and ordinary which are popular for building functions.

With various kinds of cranes available for various functions, correctly evaluating your needs would assist you to get the most out of your budget.

Check for the safety precautions

Looking into the safety precautions being practiced by the company you would like to hire is important. This helps to avoid any unwanted incidences in the work sites. Discover whether the firm runs regular care of their cranes. This security measure goes a way as it ensures that there are no loose bolts or cracks in the heavy gear that will eventually pave way to accidents. Look into their employees profile too. Verify if their line up of people can correctly run the heavy cranes.

Select the expert

You would want to engage the assistance of firms that understands and knows the laws and regulations involved in doing the business. Never go with a new company which does not have information about how cranes work.

So, the next time you hire a crane do look out for the above said factors.

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Landscapers or Arborists: Which One Should You Hire?

Tree removal

When it comes to owning property, it only makes sense that you keep it well-maintained at all times. If you have plants and shrubs in front and around your house, you should make sure to take care of your greens to ensure their optimum growth. This should also be the same case if you have trees in your backyard.

Trees should be pruned and trimmed regularly so it will grow better as well. You can hire tree services to help in taking care of your backyard tree. In the case of disasters, you should hire emergency tree storm services if a tree fell down within your property. Doing so will avoid potential safety risks that may occur due to a fallen tree.

Taking care of your greens

No matter where you live – in an apartment in the city, in the suburbs, or in the countryside – greens can add color to a home. In other words, there is no excuse not to have plants in your home. For one thing, having plants at home can be therapeutic and can help in better health. You can put potted plants in your living room, bedroom, or even the bathroom.

For those who have plants and shrubs in their front yard, landscapers are the ones to call. They can help you fix up your greens and make it eye-catching to the guests and passers-by. After all, your well-maintained shrubs are the first thing that people will see when they pass by your house.

On the other hand, you can also add a tree in your backyard. You can find an arborist to help you decide on the best kind of tree in your yard. But there are still people who are confused between a landscaper and an arborist. Here are some things you need to know before whether you need arborist services or a landscaper instead.

What do arborists do?

Even if both professions work in a similar field, it is important to know the difference between an arborist and a landscaper. First of all, arborists are known to specialize in tree care. However, tree services are more than pruning and trimming tree branches and tree storm damage removal.

For one, arborists should have the skill and knowledge to determine whether a tree is already dying. In such cases, the tree should undergo the appropriate procedure to save or dispatch a tree depending on the severity of its condition. In addition, arborists are also knowledgeable about all sorts of tree conditions and diseases and determine the right way to deal with those.

There are also arborists who specialize in tree removal services. This is crucial especially if the tree falls down or gets uprooted due to storms and strong winds. Tree removal should be the last option especially if it compromises everyone’s safety including your and other people’s real estate property.

Tree removal should be done only by certified arborists as large trees should be handled and dealt with carefully. Arborists are also equipped with special tools that they need in their jobs such as cranes, power saws, log splitters, and more. For any tree care concerns, you should hire people who specialize in tree care and maintenance.

What do landscapers do?

On the other hand, landscapers are often involved in lawn care, irrigation, and maintenance. This includes the installation of plants, flowers, and shrubs in the lawn or garden area as well as mulching, pruning, and maintaining them. Landscapers are often responsible for mowing the grass in the lawn and ensuring that the area is well-protected against extreme weather conditions.

Landscapers are also the ones to call to help you with mulching your flower and plant beds. Aside from that, they are also knowledgeable about the right kind of soil to have in your yard and garden. For one thing, the right soil pH can ensure your plants’ optimum growth and make your yard a neighborhood attraction.

Likewise, landscapers should also know that the types of flowers, shrubs, and other yard plants are well-suited with the kind of weather you have. They are also trained to prune the right plants from those that don’t need one. Basically, landscapers will help make your yard look presentable and add value to your property.

Find the best arborists near you

Arborists and landscapers clearly have differences in terms of field expertise and role in caring for our greens at home. These two can actually work together to ensure our trees and plants’ better health and growth. Find an arborist in Chevy Chase if you need an expert in taking care of your tree at home.

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Choosing the Right Trees for Your Real Estate Property

tree removal

Living alongside skyscrapers and urban scenery is a normal part of life. For some reason, there is something about the urban life that attracts people in it. Perhaps it is because living in a city somewhat symbolizes one’s social status. It means you have a nice job in an office, get to wear a suit every day to work, and have a cup of coffee in your favorite coffee shop.

On the other hand, there are still a lot of people who prefer living away from bustling city life. In fact, recent studies revealed that real estate sales are expected to reach more than 6 million this year. If you want to buy your own home in a suburban neighborhood or near the countryside, you may also want to consider hiring arborist services to take care of trees and plants within your real estate property.

Living in the city vs. suburban and countryside

Choosing where to live depends on your current lifestyle and housing needs. For example, some people choose to live in apartments and condo units to be near their place of work. On the other hand, some people prefer to live a life seeing greenery around them. Some also prefer buying a property that has a nice backyard with trees in it.

It is ideal to find an arborist to help you take care of your backyard trees. For one thing, trees are said to help in adding value to a property. It also adds shade to your home and even encourages birds to seek shelter in your trees. Just imagine waking up every morning to the sounds of birds chirping and seeing the majestic tree nearby.

Tree cutting services are also needed for regular pruning and trimming. However, you should also consider the potential hazards of having trees in your property. For example, the tree may fall down in the event of strong winds or hurricanes. In such cases, you need to call emergency tree storm services to safely remove fallen trees.

As mentioned, choosing a property will depend on your housing needs. But if you choose a suburban or a countryside home, make sure that you can commit to taking care of your trees. They can do so much and offer benefits not only to your family but also to your home.

How to choose the right tree for your home

If you don’t have trees yet in your backyard, now is an opportunity to plant one. However, you should also consider the type of tree to put in your backyard. Unfortunately, there are a lot of real estate properties with the wrong types of trees. While some trees tend to grow faster than others, it may reach power lines or result in root overgrowth that can cause cracks on the bare ground, among a few.

That is why homeowners should know the right kind of trees to plant in your backyard. The last thing you want to happen is planting a tree that will grow 80 feet up and be a potential threat to your home and your family’s safety.

You should consider the size of your house and lot. If you have a smaller lot, you may consider planting slow-growing or dwarf tree varieties. Perhaps you can also consider planting a large shrub to add greenery to your home. You can consult arborist services for the best tree or shrub varieties for your home.

Do you want a fruit tree? One that will lessen the impact of strong winds? Or to provide shade to your home? Fruit trees need other trees to pollinate. You should also plant rows of trees if you want windbreak trees. Also, you need to consider the climate in your area before planting a specific tree.

Should you plant a tree in the first place?

If you have enough space to accommodate a tree in your yard, why not plant one? As mentioned, trees can add value to your home by as much as 20 percent. It also adds to the property’s aesthetic value, provides shade against all kinds of weather, and is good for our planet.

In addition, it helps in providing privacy to your property and even helps improve your mood. It can make you feel accomplished for taking care of not only the tree but also your yard. For one thing, taking care of trees is not that easy. It is a good idea to hire arborist services to help take care of your trees.

Find the best tree care services near you

For your tree care needs, make sure to hire the best near you. Contact emergency tree services in Chevy Chase for proper tree care and maintenance.

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