Safety Procedures To Be Considered During an Emergency Tree Removal

Trees are an important part of our ecosystem. Aside from making our surroundings look good, it also has several purposes. For one, it provides shade against the excessive heat of the sun. Some trees also bear fruits that we can enjoy all year round. Wood also comes from trees which can be made into different useful items at home and elsewhere in our daily life.

These are only some of the reasons why we should take care of the trees. If you have trees in your property, you can find an arborist to help maintain them. Trees are meant to last for many years and to be enjoyed by future generations. It is a good idea to hire tree cutting services to ensure that your trees are in optimum condition at all times.

However, trees are also prone to damages and can even damage nearby property especially during natural disasters. More so, larger and older trees are more prone to weaker structure, including its large branches falling off the ground and its huge roots causing damage to the ground structure below.

Depending on the gravity of the situation, it may be a good idea to call tree removal companies to prevent potential accidents from happening. Likewise, it will protect your and other nearby properties, and everyone’s safety. Regardless of the safety hazards, tree owners should be able to recognize potential safety hazards that a tree can cause before calling in tree care personnel.

Common safety hazards during emergency tree removal

First of all, it is important that emergency tree services are fully-equipped. Likewise, the company should also employ skilled and experienced personnel. Taking care of a tree is no easy task especially for beginners. More so, all tree care personnel should undergo several trainings to ensure proper tree management. Like any other living things, trees also need to be properly dealt with in terms of care and maintenance.

At the same time, tree care personnel should be well-trained enough to deal with potential safety risks that come along tree removal. Among common tree removal safety risks that tree care personnel may encounter include:

  • Falling branches that can cause potential injury or property damage nearby
  • Proper use of cutting and trimming tools and equipment, as improper usage can cause potential injuries and damages as well
  • Considering nearby power lines that can cause electrocution to the worker or other civilians nearby
  • The worker accidentally falling off from the elevating equipment such as cranes or ladders

Safety reminders for tree care services owners

Tree care services owners should ensure not only their client and their property’s safety but also their workers. For one, tree care companies should make sure that their workers wear the right gear and use the right equipment properly. Among safety tips that tree care owners need to remember include:

  • Employers should provide proper personal protective equipment or PPE for their workers. This includes any kind of protection for the foot, legs, eyes, hearing, and head.
  • Employers should also ensure that all of their workers have undergone training including proper equipment handling and other safety procedures.
  • Employers should make sure that emergency tree storm services equipment used are well-maintained and in compliance with the local standards
  • First aid kits, fire extinguishers, and other emergency medical supplies should always be on standby while work is ongoing.
  • Employers should ensure safety and avoid working nearby utility lines

Safety reminders for tree care workers

On the other hand, tree care workers should make sure to follow the working standards as well. These include:

  • Wearing proper PPE while at work (protection for the eyes, hearing, legs, face, and hands)
  • Using equipment properly while doing tree services
  • Using a safety belt or any fall arresting system especially when working more than three meters above the ground
  • Ensure that you have other companions or co-workers with you during the tree removal procedure
  • Ensure that all unused equipment is turned off or stored away from the work area

Finding a reliable tree care company

Accomplishing a tree removal procedure is one thing. Ensuring everyone’s safety, including the client and the tree care personnel, should also be a top priority. That is why you should find professional arborist services near you. For your tree care needs, contact reliable tree services in Montgomery.

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A Guide on Proper Tree Watering

Tree Services

Owning a tree within your property is a huge responsibility. For one, you have to ensure its health through regular tree maintenance. It is also important to ensure everyone’s safety in case the tree is in a compromised situation due to bad weather. In such cases, it is crucial to call emergency tree storm services to prevent potential injuries and property damage.

Ensuring regular tree care and maintenance ensures the tree’s longer lifespan and stronger foundation. It should be regularly-trimmed preferably by professional tree services near your area. Owners should also know the right way of watering trees to achieve longevity and better health.

During hot summer days, trees need enough water supply to survive. Otherwise, it can lead to the tree’s premature demise. Regardless whether it’s a newly-planted or a mature tree, all types of trees should get all the care they deserve. Before that, it is important to know the proper watering method according to the tree’s age, the type of soil used, and the current season.

Watering newly-planted trees

A proper tree watering method is just as important as regular tree pruning and trimming. This is particularly crucial for newly-planted and young trees. Too little or too much watering can do harm to the young tree. In particular, overwatering a tree can even kill a tree.

That said, it is important to note the right amount of water in nourishing a young tree. You can also find an arborist near your area for more important tree care tips. Here are some things to consider when watering young trees.

Water the young tree up to an inch per week.

Make sure that the water soaks the soil well to nourish the roots and encourage healthier growth. The water around the plant trunk and its surrounding area. Water the plants regularly and consistently for around three years or more to help establish their roots.

Monitor young trees and plants more often.

Make sure to check their roots more often from any presence of dryness. Young trees and plants are getting the moisture they need through the root ball which easily dries out after a day or two. Dry soil and no moisture can affect the plants’ growth.

Water plants more that are exposed in full sun than those within a shade.

It is also important to water plants especially if it is frequently exposed to the sun. They have the tendency to dry up easily which can affect their growth it not watered regularly. Ideally, outdoor plants should be watered early morning or late evening for better water absorption and better growth.

Apply mulch on the soil.

Applying mulch such as leaves or shredded bark helps in maintaining soil moisture. Likewise, it also regulates temperature and protects plants against hot and cold temperatures. Tree services can help you with the proper mulching methods for young trees.

Watering mature trees

Meanwhile, established and mature trees also need enough care and maintenance it deserves. Arborist services would recommend keeping the topsoil, about 8 to 12 inches deep, moisturized especially during the hot weather. Frequent watering is essentially important in the absence of rainfall.

More importantly, you should not wait to water the plants until they are already yellowing or wilting. Focus on watering the roots instead of the leaves, although you can sprinkle a little bit of water on the leaf’s surface.

How often should you water trees?

Watering plants is crucial for its growth and health. But the question is how often you should water them. One way to know when it’s time to water is by checking soil moisture.

Using an 8” long screwdriver, poke it into the soil. If it easily passes through, it means the soil is moist enough. Otherwise, it will be hard to push through the soil if it’s already dry. This method works best on loam and clay soil. Ideally, the soil should be moist at least 8 inches deep or more. Tree removal companies would suggest against frequent watering but not enough to penetrate the soil and nourish the trees’ roots.

Caring for your trees is crucial

As mentioned, it is important to focus more on watering the roots rather than the leaves. Make sure to keep the soil moist and avoid overwatering it. Experts suggest watering plants and trees early in the morning or evenings. This is to ensure that the water will seep into the roots and avoid drying due to the heat of the sun. For your tree care and maintenance needs, you can hire professional arborist services in Chevy Chase.

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What You Need to Know about Being an Arborist


As humans, we need to take care of ourselves to be healthy all the time. We take health supplements, get the right amount of sleep, and have regular exercise. The same should apply when you have trees in your backyard. You can also find an arborist near your area for your tree care needs.

Tree care and maintenance are important especially if you have one in your backyard. An unkempt tree can cause potential hazards to your property. For example, loose branches can be blown away and cause damage to your house during a storm. In such cases, you should hire emergency tree storm services to avoid potential accidents and injuries.

The art of tree care

If there is an existing science of taking care of human diseases or animals, there is also one for trees. This is called arboriculture. It is basically the art of care and maintenance of trees, woody plants, and shrubs. Arboriculture involves studying tree care methods as well as learning about how they respond to nature.

Among common tree care practices applied in this nature of work include using the right tools and techniques for tree removal services. Likewise, this study includes methods in tree storm damage removal following natural disasters such as hurricanes. Like humans and other living things, trees also require special care to ensure their longevity and overall health.

Arboriculture also involves the right techniques in tree care. This includes planting the right kinds of trees in specific locations, determining tree illnesses, and proper tree pruning among a few.

The art of arboriculture has been around since ancient times. In fact, it is said that ancient Egyptians originally came up with soil formation around the plant to catch water and nourish the plant. This ancient practice still exists until modern times.

What does an arborist do?

Arborists are people responsible for handling trees and wood-based plants. They possess exceptional knowledge of tree care and maintenance. Arborists also ensure that trees do not compromise people’s safety as well as interfere with power lines and road works. This includes tree cutting services to prevent loose branches from falling off and causing accidents below.

Arborists are different from landscaping and horticulture. The former specializes in tree care and maintenance. Landscapers focus on enhancing land area including improving the formation of grass, plants, and flowers to make it more visually appealing. Lastly, horticulturists focus on the cultivation of food-bearing plants and vegetation.


Tree care and maintenance require extensive knowledge and skills to ensure the quality of work. Otherwise, improper tree handling can cause potential safety risks and property damage. Not only should there be qualified individuals to take on the job but also possess the right tools and practices to do their jobs right.

Arborists play an important role in ensuring safety in towns and cities. They work for arborist agencies, private companies, and the local government. Some also run their own arborist business. Not only they keep trees healthy but also keep residents and properties safe from compromising situations.

They are also prone to safety risk and accidents, considering that their work can be physically demanding. That is why they should have insurance and ensure their safety during work. Likewise, they should be equipped with safety equipment like goggles, gloves, and ear plugs among a few.

Among the job responsibilities of an arborist include:

  • Evaluating and treating trees for any signs of pest and disease problems
  • Evaluation of trees that can be potentially hazardous
  • Tree stump removal
  • Emergency tree services (ex. A tree falls down following a strong hurricane or storm)
  • Tree pruning, trimming and cutting
  • Tree or seedling transplant from one location to another
  • Consolidation of records for trees that are under their care
  • Tree care and maintenance education and research

Is it a worthy career?

An arborist’s job can be physically demanding. It requires training and further studies to become a licensed one. They can also get paid well annually plus additional benefits. Some move on to become supervisors, while others have already built their own tree removal companies and even a sideline for tree care equipment repairs. In other words, being an arborist can offer you an opportunity to build your own firm or get a promotion after years of hard work.

Most of all, this line of work can be make you appreciate trees and nature in general. Not only us humans and animals need care and maintenance but trees as well. After all, they are also living things and provides a lot of benefits for everything around us. Hire the best tree services in Maryland for your tree care and maintenance needs.

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When To Know It’s Time to Cut Down A Tree

Tree Pruning

Trees are blessings to mankind. They serve as a natural shade against the heat of the sun. Many trees also bear fruits that you and everyone else will enjoy feasting on. However, there will come a time when trees need to be taken down for some reason. In such cases, you should contact tree cutting services near you.

One study reveals that living in a place surrounded by trees can help in prolonging a person’s life. For one thing, trees can enhance a property’s aesthetic appeal. However, cutting down a tree can be as sad as the death of a pet or a loved one. More so, if the tree has been in your property for many years.

But sometimes, cutting down a tree can be a better solution especially if it becomes a threat to everyone’s safety. To deal with this, you should find an arborist to take care of the tree cutting procedure. Before cutting down a tree, there are different factors that should be considered.

Is the tree’s location safe?

One major consideration in deciding to cut down a tree is its location. Check whether the tree(s) grows too close to your house. Likewise, check whether its branches are hanging too close to a window or any part of your house. Hanging branches can be potentially dangerous especially during a storm and strong winds.

Trees that are too close to your property can also cause potential accidents and injuries. Likewise, it can cause damage to your property. Just consider the expenses and safety risks you can incur by repairing a damaged roof or a broken window glass. That is why hiring emergency tree services is important in such cases.

Tree removal companies will know whether it’s time to cut down a tree or a part of it. For example, not all overhanging tree branches may need to be cut down. Some branches may only need trimming instead of chopping them off completely. But if the branch is in a compromising position, then it may be better to cut it off.

A tree’s location is also crucial in providing the right amount of shade for your home. For example, branches that touch the house’s siding can cause damage and lead to the growth of molds. Trees that are near power lines should be cut immediately to avoid further safety risks.

Tree damage can weaken its structure and can put it at risk of falling down. Accidents due to “acts of nature”, including a fallen tree, may not be covered by most insurance. To prevent such hassles, it is recommended to call arborist services as soon as possible.

Is it diseased?

Many people do not realize that trees get sick, too. That said, a sick tree should be treated immediately. But if the tree is a hopeless cause, it may be time to cut it off. This is to prevent future safety hazards.

Trees become vulnerable and weak due to disease. It can cause a weakened structure and may fall off on your house. These matters should be handled by professional tree removal services companies. Experienced personnel will take time to inspect and recommend the next steps for the tree.

Among common signs of a diseased or dying tree include the following:

  • Weak and brittle branches
  • Rotten tree branches, roots, and/or trunk
  • Yellowish leaves

Pests can also cause diseased trees. Trees are meant to house birds and other animals. However, some animals can be bad tenants and cause damage to the tree. Some of these animals include worms, rodents, and scorpions among a few.

These annoying tree tenants can eventually invade your home. To prevent that from happening, it may be time to get rid of the tree. Also, the presence of fungus is also a sign of a diseased tree. If your tree has it, it may be time to cut down the tree as well.

Is it the right tree?

It may be nice to grow a tree. However, there is no such thing as “one size fits all” in growing a tree in all locations. Some trees may be ideal for warmer climates, while some may grow better in colder areas.

Growing a tree in a wrong location can stump its growth and even affect its “health”. In such a case, the tree should be removed and choose a tree that is more suitable for the weather in your area.

Contact tree experts near you

Trees have their own lives. They can thrive or die depending on the amount of care they receive. For your tree care needs, you should find an arborist in Bethesda or anywhere near your area.

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What You Need To Know About Plant Suckers

Trees are a good addition to our homes. They make us feel closer to nature within our own backyard. At the same time, it offers shade and even fruits you can enjoy eating during the summer season. However, trees can be potentially dangerous and can compromise your own safety. In such situations, you should call tree services immediately.

As mentioned, growing trees can enhance your property’s overall value. However, there are times that large trees can endanger your house and your own safety. For example, strong winds can uproot a tree and its branches may smash your windows. Diseased trees can also house pests and bugs that can also affect your property and other plants around it.

You can hire tree removal services to solve your tree problems. Removing a tree should be done by professional arborist services only. For one thing, tree removal is no easy task. It requires professional skills and adequate tools to accomplish this tedious procedure.

What is that random plant growing on my tree?

It may look new to you, seeing a random plant growing from the base of your tree. It may seem like a normal occurrence until you notice that it looks different from the tree it’s growing on. It may even produce fruits that may not look enticing to eat. So, what kind of a plant is this?

It is called a plant sucker. It is defined as a tree’s effort to grow additional branches. Plant suckers occur when you tend to a tree that is under stress. It may possibly be because the tree is grafted or spliced together. On the other hand, tree suckers can also develop on trees that are not grafted.

Should you remove a tree sucker?

Tree removal companies suggest preventing the occurrence of a tree sucker than dealing with the removal. To prevent tree sucker growth, you should remember the following:

  • Make sure to prune the tree regularly. But avoid over-pruning it, as it can encourage the growth of plant suckers.
  • Ensure good plant health. Tree stressors such as the occurrence of pests and diseases or drought can promote the growth of tree suckers. Thus, make sure to water it well and give the tree the best care possible.

Tree suckers may seem harmless. However, tree cutting services recommends removing any presence of tree suckers as soon as possible. For one, a tree sucker can be dangerous to healthier and larger trees. It can happen by sucking the healthier tree’s nutrients. They are similar to weeds, only that they do not look like one.

Removing a tree with professional help

Tree cutting may be necessary due to several factors. It can be due to overgrowth, age, the occurrence of disease, or signs of damage. Some would cut down a tree but leave its roots. However, leaving the roots can give room for regrowth – unless that’s what you want to happen.

Another solution is to remove the tree and its roots. However, it can be a more complicated process. In such cases, you can hire tree cutting services and let them remove a tree with precision, skill, and the right equipment.

As for tree sucker removal, it is generally easy to do. It can be removed by pruning. Cut the tree sucker using a sharp pair of shears. Ensure to make the cut close enough to the tree. Leave the collar – the area where the tree and tree sucker meet – to promote wound recovery.

Other reasons why tree cutting services are necessary

Aside from tree sucker removal, dying and decaying trees may be needed to ensure its longevity. Here are the reasons why and when tree cutting is needed.

  • Dead trees can attract bacteria, insects, and pests.
  • Diseased trees can affect other plants and trees.
  • It looks attractive in any property.
  • It can compromise your safety (ex. Branches may fall off or blown away during strong winds).
  • Dead trees have weaker structures, it can easily fall over.

Tree removal is not really as simple as it seems. You can do it on your own, but it can be more likely that you may encounter issues along the way. That is why you should rely on professional arborist services in MD for your tree care needs.

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Common Tree Cutting Mistakes You Should Avoid

It can take years for a tree to fully grow. The result is a majestic gift of nature that will serve an important purpose for all living things. Tall trees look mysteriously beautiful in forests. But if you have trees in your backyard, it is important to have it trimmed by professional tree cutting services for aesthetic and safety purposes.

Hiring arborist services near you can help improve your trees’ overall health. They will know when to cut diseased trees. Likewise, they will prune the tree so it grows better. By pruning trees, it will ensure your safety, as well as your property and even your neighbors.

However, some prefer to do it their own way. A lot of homeowners think that trimming a tree is a simple task. More so, they think that they can save money when they do it themselves instead of hiring tree removal companies.

Common tree cutting mistakes

DIY-ing tree cutting can be one of the worst decisions they would ever make. For one thing, most DIY-ers are not fully equipped with the right skills and tools to do the job. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners made the following mistakes of tree cutting. Hopefully, you won’t commit these errors in the future.

  1. Using poorly-maintained tools

Tools such as chainsaw are important in tree services. However, inexperienced individuals often take it for granted. That is why you should use well-maintained tools when cutting trees.

  1. Ignoring safety hazards

Like firemen and construction workers, professional arborists put on safety gear as part of their job. They are also equipped with safety equipment to prevent accidents. At the end of the day, you don’t want to put your safety on the line especially when you attempt to trim a tree.

  1. You think you know how to do it.

Just because you have watched video tutorials about cutting trees doesn’t mean you are an expert on the job. Professional tree cutters have years of work experience. Likewise, they have the right equipment and skills to do their job. More importantly, they do not work alone.

When you’re planning to trim your tree and make sure it is done right, you should hire professional tree removal companies.

What professional arborists can offer

Arborists are tree experts, including the identification of various tree types, proper care, and maintenance. Likewise, they are well-trained in their field, hence they can be trusted to do tree cutting services.

Aside from tree pruning and cutting, certified arborists can also offer:

  • Tree and plant care tips, including the prevention of disease and insects that can destroy the tree
  • Planting services, including the recommendation of best plant species depending on location
  • Tree removal and emergency tree care

Choosing a professional arborist

Doing the tree trimming without the right set of skills is not recommended. Instead, you should rely on a professional arborist for cutting and other tree services. Tree cutting can be a dangerous task and should not be done by inexperienced individuals. Here are factors to consider when choosing a professional arborist:

  1. They are mostly certified and insured.

Most professional arborists are employed by tree removal companies. More importantly, the company should also be registered in their respective areas. By hiring these companies, you can be assured that they will get the job done according to the industry and state standards.

  1. They have the latest tools.

Professional arborists should have the latest tools when they are on-call. This is to ensure that they will accomplish the job with more precision and less hassle.

  1. They know how to take care of a tree.

Tree care companies should not use spikes to climb a tree. Doing so can damage the tree and get contaminated by pests and diseases. A reliable tree care company uses a crane to position the crew on the tree area that needs to be cut.

  1. You discover them based on customer reviews, not through cold calls.

Cold calling is a common practice in business. However, it can be unreliable especially if you have not actual work experience with them. Instead, you can check out online reviews for feedback about tree care companies to help you choose among them.

For your tree care needs

If you need to trim the trees in your backyard, don’t think about doing it yourself. Hire a professional instead. It can cost you some bucks, but you will be assured overall job quality and expertise. Find an arborist in Montgomery County today for your tree care needs.

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Best and Worst Trees to Plant In Your Backyard

Tree Services

Trees are blessings from Mother Nature. It adds beauty to our surroundings as well as serves its purpose to humans and animals alike. Likewise, a tree can also provide additional value to a property. That is why homeowners should ensure to hire tree cutting services to help you provide the best care for your backyard tree(s).

However, you should know that not all trees are appropriate to be planted in a residential lot. Also, it is important to consider the distance of the tree from your house. This is to prevent potential damage it can do in case of strong winds and other unexpected disasters. But if the inevitable does happen, you should contact emergency tree services immediately.

Worst Trees to Plant in Your Backyard

Having a backyard tree can make a difference to your property. You should also find an arborist to help you with your regular tree maintenance. However, not all trees are meant to be planted in anyone’s backyard due to several reasons. Here are some of them:

  1. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus trees are often associated with koalas and mint-scented ointments. However, experts advise against planting one within your residential property. That’s because eucalyptus trees grow too fast and require heavy maintenance. If you don’t want to spend a lot on arborist services, then you should scrape off the idea of ever planting this tree in your backyard.

  1. Golden Weeping Willow

The Golden Weeping Willow tree exudes mystery and beauty to those who see it. However, this tree may not be suitable with other plants in your backyard as it can suck out all the water in the soil. Also, it can be hard to maintain because it can grow as high as 100 feet.

  1. Female Ginkgo Biloba

This tree traces its origins somewhere in Asia and has been used as an essential ingredient for Chinese medicine. However, it may not be nice to plant this tree in your backyard. For one, it can grow up to 80 feet in height, and pruning can be quite a hassle. The fruits, when it drops to the ground, can be quite messy and hard to clean.

Best Trees to Plant In Your Backyard

On a bright side, there are some trees that are good to be planted in your backyard. Also, tree services won’t have a hard time pruning and maintaining the following trees:

  1. Magnolia

This tree can add exceptional beauty to your property. It also grows fragrant flowers around May and June. Although it grows slower than other trees, it can reach as high as 80 feet and as wide as 40 feet. Make sure to keep its base moist at all times to maintain its health.

  1. Weeping Cherry Tree

This tree is a great choice if you want a tree that won’t drown out your home and won’t grow too high as well. It also grows pink or white flowers every spring, which further adds to the tree’s beauty.

  1. Crepe Myrtle

This tree is more suitable for warmer climates, and can instantly add color to your property. It also doesn’t grow too high, hence maintenance is not that complicated. However, make sure to plant it far enough from the house to prevent issues when it grows.

How far should a tree from your house?

When planting a tree, it is important to note its distance from your property. This is to prevent problems that may potentially damage your house or even nearby plants. It is also important to have it trimmed/pruned regularly by tree removal companies. Here are some things you need to consider:

  • Trees 70 feet and above must be planted around 20 feet away from the house.
  • Medium-sized trees that do not exceed 70 feet should be 15 feet away from your house.
  • Small trees that measure 30 feet and below in height should be about 8 to 10 feet away from your house.
  • Plant trees that are proportion to your house. For example, large trees may be more appropriate for two-story houses. On the other hand, small to medium-sized trees are more appropriate for small houses.
  • As much as possible, choose trees that won’t create a mess (ex. fruit droppings or seed pods). Opt for ones that can withstand harsh weather as well.
  • Consider the roots. Make sure to plant the tree far from structures such as patios or swimming pools that can potentially be damaged by root growth over time.

Tree cutting services near you

For your tree maintenance needs, find the best arborist services in MD and avail a free consultation today.

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Things To Consider When Trimming A Tree

Maintaining your garden can be tedious especially if it has different plants, flowers, and shrubs. However, maintaining a tree is another story. It can be more challenging to maintain the latter, but it deserves the best care nonetheless. You should find an arborist to help you take care of the tree in your backyard.

Hiring tree services are necessary if you have trees within your property. For one thing, regular tree maintenance ensures overall safety for you, your household, and your home. We humans regularly cut our hair to keep our hair healthy and look neat. The same applies on tall trees — it also needs to be trimmed regularly so it can grow to its full potential.

When trees are not trimmed regularly, branches will overgrow and dangle near the ground. As a result, it can compromise the safety of people and property nearby. It can make things worse during bad weather. In such emergencies, you should hire a tree storm damage removal services to prevent further safety hazards.

Trimming a very tall tree

Larger and taller trees may be more complicated to maintain. But no matter how tall your tree is, it should still be trimmed regularly to prevent potential safety issues. While trees offer security and shade, it enhances the property’s overall value.

Older trees also look mysterious yet beautiful. Regardless of the tree’s age, these gifts from Mother Nature should be maintained regularly to preserve its beauty and elegance for the years to come.

There is no denying of the fact that bigger and taller trees are more complicated to maintain. For one, someone should take care of cutting away excess branches, dead wood, and whatnot. Someone should also have the right equipment to climb the trees safely.

Benefits of tree pruning

Although already mentioned briefly, among noted benefits of tree trimming include

  • It keeps a tree in better shape and enhances its overall appearance.
  • It offers security and safety especially if the tree is near utility lines or a property.
  • It encourages better sun exposure and promotes air ventilation, providing a more relaxing and cool spot to rest.
  • It also helps enhance the tree’s growth quality by removing dead wood and branches.

Trimming a tree

As mentioned, it is important to consider several factors if you decide to trim a tree on your own. Otherwise, you should seek assistance from professional arborist services nearby. More often than not, professional tree cutting services are more authorized to perform this task.

For one, climbing a tree is easier than it seems. It’s not like how you climb trees for fun back in your childhood days. Rather, the tree trimming procedure requires the right equipment to ensure that the job will be done. This includes special equipment like a chainsaw, pruning shears, and “climbing gaffs” among a few.

The personnel will also have to find out the best position when they’re atop the tree and about to do the trimming. Then, they will have to make trims carefully while ensuring their safety during the entire process. On-ground safety should also be considered since there will be a lot of trimmed branches falling down the ground. In other words, tree trimming requires extensive training and is not a simple task as you think it is.

Some arborist services companies use spurs or “climbing gaffs” to climb a tree. This tool is like a spike that is attached to the tree cutting personnel so it can climb up and down the tree. However, many tree experts strongly advise against this practice as it can harm the tree.

For one, it won’t guarantee that using spurs can prevent the personnel to accidentally fall off the tree. The more gashes the tree incur, the higher the chance it will die prematurely. Plus, “open wounds” caused by this practice will encourage pests and diseases to enter and contaminate the tree. Worse, cuts due to spurs can result in premature death among healthy trees.

Finding a professional tree cutting service provider

In summary, maintaining a tree requires a lot of time and resources. It does not simply have to climb a tree and then cutting the branches and dead wood. For one, it requires training to do the task properly.

Plus, the right equipment is also needed to accomplish the task. That is why it is highly recommended to have this taken care of by professional tree removal companies. Contact the best tree removal services in Bethesda and request for a free quote today.

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What You Need To Know About Stump Grinding and Stump Removal

Cutting down a tree may be needed depending on the situation. For example, a tree should be cut by tree removal services because it can compromise your family’s safety. Also, tree cutting may also be necessary if it’s already in its “dying” stage and does not grow leaves and all over the years. In such cases, it is important to hire emergency tree services to take care of the tree in question.

After the tree has been cut, the stump will be left on the ground. A tree stump can look unsightly in your backyard, so you would naturally consider removing it off as well. However, removing a stump is a different process from simply cutting down a tree.

Aside from stump removal, there is also such thing as stump grinding. Regardless of your choice, it is also important to find an arborist to do the job. But first, you should know the difference between the two, and what the better option is for you to do.

What is stump removal?

Stump removal refers to the entire removal of the tree stump and its roots from the ground. A large gape will be left following the removal process. You can simply refill it with soil, plant a new tree, or put something on it to cover the hole. It has its own set of pros and cons.

First are the advantages, which are the following:

  • Removes the stump and its roots completely, hence making the area look cleaner
  • It won’t grow again since the roots will be removed as well
  • You can replant a new tree on the hole vacated by the removed tree
  • Prevents health hazards that can be caused by the tree stump

On the other hand, removing a tree stump has its disadvantages as well. Among these are the following:

  • Requires a lot of time and effort to remove the stump and roots
  • Leaves a hole after the removal, which can look unpleasant (unless you do something about it after the stump removal)
  • May not be recommended by environment-conscious individuals

What is stump grinding?

Meanwhile, stump grinding refers to the process of cutting the tree stump down to the surface of the ground. Unlike stump removal, stump grinding does not remove the roots and is instead covered with soil or dirt. This procedure aims for the roots and stumps to decay naturally.

Like stump removal, stump grinding also has its own set of pros and cons. First are the pros, which include the following:

  • Easier to accomplish by professional tree removal companies
  • Requires smaller equipment to do
  • Takes a shorter amount of time and effort to accomplish
  • No holes created that can make your backyard look unsightly

On the other hand, stump removal also has its own set of cons which include the following:

  • Sprouts may appear along the stump area (because the roots are still under the ground)
  • Presence of unsightly root decays
  • Can pose potential health and safety hazards

Why should you do something about your tree stumps?

In dealing with tree stumps, you can consult professional arborist services for the next action steps. It depends on your requirements, but both options can be useful nonetheless. It’s just the matter of which option you will choose. However, it is important to consider doing something about the tree stumps in your backyard due to the following reasons:

  1. It promotes tree growth.

Unless you don’t want another tree to grow in your backyard, then you should remove the tree stump and its roots immediately. Trees can also affect other smaller plants within the area as the former can absorb more nutrients than the latter. As a result, the latter may wither and eventually die.

  1. It can prevent health and safety hazards.

Removing or grinding a tree stump can help prevent accidents especially among young children. It can also prevent getting accidentally mowed by lawn mowers that can cause damage to the equipment. Plus, it can help lessen the presence of pests such as termites and ants as well as disease-causing bacteria or fungi.

  1. It can help improve the overall look of your backyard.

Trees look good in any property, but the stumps do not. It can even cause the growth of fungi and weeds which can greatly affect the appearance of your property.

Hire professional tree removal services near you

That is why you should hire professional tree cutting services to have tree stumps eliminated from your property as soon as possible. Find an arborist in Chevy Chase today.

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How to Know if A Tree is Sick or Dying

Trees are indeed a blessing from Mother Nature. It provides a natural shelter against the heat of the sun, and a comforting home for birds, insects, and other animals. Plus, it adds beauty to our environment. That said, trees deserve the utmost care from the best tree services around.

Like humans and animals, trees are also considered living things. They are resilient even with the fiercest of elements. While humans can verbally express whenever they are sick, trees cannot. Yes, even trees can get sick, diseased, and die – even the oldest and sturdiest of trees can be prone to some kind of tree disease. In such cases, sick and dying trees need to be dealt with by reliable arborist services available.

When trees get sick

There are a lot of organisms unseen by the naked eye that lives on different trees. On one hand, trees are naturally tough and can tolerate such organisms. But on the other hand, some pathogens can overpower trees and cause the latter’s demise.

That is why a dying tree should be taken care of by emergency tree services immediately. Otherwise, the tree may eventually fall off and cause damage to your property and even compromise your safety. On a side note, there are different causes of tree diseased that need to be addressed as soon as possible.

Different types of tree diseases

There are different types of tree diseases which vary depending on the tree type. Among common ones are the following:

  1. Anthracnose

This type of tree disease is common among hardwood trees including black walnuts, dogwood, white oaks, and American sycamores. It is normally caused by different types of fungi that spread through spores. It is prevalent in the US where these trees grow a lot. Among common signs of anthracnose include leaf blight. Anthracnose won’t immediately destroy a tree, but it can eventually weaken it and make it more prone to other tree diseases.

  1. Root rot

This is another common tree disease. The root is one of the most important parts of a tree. For one, it transports water and other nutrients to the rest of the tree. It also serves as an anchor that provides stability to the tree. Larger trees have larger roots which also help in reducing the occurrence of flooding in low-lying areas. There are two ways to determine root rot – whether if there’s a presence of broken roots or fungus.

  1. Chestnut blight fungus

This is another type of tree disease that has almost destroyed all American chestnuts in the eastern part of the US. The disease is usually spread through spores and contaminates wounded barks. Chestnut blight fungus looks like a curled horn and has no proven cure as of now. However, it is said that research works for disease-resistant chestnut trees are currently ongoing.

Sick tree vs. a dead tree

Leaves fall off during autumn and bloom again in spring. These are the natural wonders of trees. However, some trees may not bloom in time for spring. In this case, you might wonder if there’s something wrong with the tree. In other words, is the tree sick or already dead? In such cases, you may find an arborist to determine the real condition of the tree.

There are different ways to know whether a tree is diseased or already dying. Moreover, green leaves do not necessarily equate to healthy trees. Here are some tell-tale signs you should look out for:

  1. Deadwood

A dead wood is dry, brittle and easily breaks even with the slightest touch. This is also the same as dead branches. Regardless, these should be removed by emergency tree services immediately.

  1. Presence of cracks and decay

A sick or dying tree has a presence of cracks, cankers, weak branches, or all of them. Also, the presence of fungi such as mushrooms may also be a good indicator of tree disease.

  1. Noticeable instability

If the tree has an irregular growth pattern, it can also be a sign of tree disease. Such symptoms may also be caused by environmental damages, incorrect or no trimming at all.

If you suspect that the tree in your backyard needs to be attended to immediately, you should hire tree removal companies near you.

Keeping trees disease-free

To keep trees in shape all year round, here are some tips to achieve that:

  • Do not apply weed fertilizer around the tree’s roots.
  • Provide some space around the tree’s trunks if you are mulching around your tree.
  • Make sure to water trees especially during dry seasons to maintain its structure and stability.
  • Trim your trees regularly.

For other tips for proper tree care, hire the best arborist services in Chevy Chase today!

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