Various Techniques Are Used For Tree Stump Removal


Cutting down a tree is relatively simpler. But removing the stump may be a harder project to deal with. You will defiantly need a professional who has the equipment, tools and techniques to remove the stump out of the way. When it comes to tree stump removal the cost is also different. Why does it need to be removed and how can it be done without too much money involved?

Various methods involved

Some of the methods involved for tree stump removal include:

  • Grinding
  • Hand
  • Chemical stumping
  • Burning
  • Rotting
  • Disposal

After these methods are used the entire piece of dead wood is removed, the space can be used again. When a professional comes, he will first make an assessment of the stump. He will understand if it can be easily removed or which of the above methods will be suitable. Some tree stumps are easier to remove while others are harder. If it is a pine tree the job is easy. If it is a deciduous then it can be quite a job. The roots of the later tree are deep down and difficult to remove.

Age and size matter

An expert will judge the age and size before the tree stump removal process. Grinding is good if the stump is larger. If there are more than 3-4 stumps to be removed then it is best to get the tool kit and machines. A grinder works well on such stumps. There are grinders on rent also. You can try to do the job but it is best to let the expert do it neatly. Do not use hands, you may get hurt and it may also be time consuming.

Other requirements

Along with the grinder, you will also need a shovel, chain saw or a mattock. If there are stones or rocks around the stump even they have to be removed. In case you have never ever done stumping, test the grinder and learn how to use it. Usually the company offers to bring the grinder to the home and then after use takes it away. Because of the risk and the danger involved, it is always advised that you trust professionals with these powerful tools. Calling a professional tree grinding company will not only be efficient for removing tree stumps, but they will also give you options for filling the patch.

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Trees Protect House from Storms! Are you Protecting Them!

Tree removal

Harsh weather is equally destructive for anything that comes on its way! Be it your house, your car, your belongings and your tree. It is widely believed that strong trees will act as a barrier against harsh weather. Being long and sturdy, trees are often overlooked. To ensure that the tree in your lawn protects and doesn’t damage your house, you should always consider emergency tree services. Today in this article, we are going to discuss some damages to the trees that you should be on a look out for after a storm.

Types of Tree Damage

Knowing the forces of nature that can cause damage and the kind of damage may well help you plan the location of trees around your house. At the same time, it would also help in taking preventive measures, so as to protect valuable assets which include trees.

  • Lighting
  • Branch failure
  • Root failure
  • Blow-over
  • Crown Twist
  • Stem Failure

As evident from the list above, lightning is the most harmful damage to a tree. And this can really run havoc! If lightening strikes a tree, it initiates a process of weakening the tree bit by bit. The current is runs through the entire tree trunk reaching all the way down to the roots. Heat, electricity and steam damage the entire internal system of the tree from inside leading to water loss. Because the damage is done internally, it is rare to note the issue by just externally viewing it. Therefore, after a lightning storm, if you see pets drawing towards the tree, or if you see the plant deteriorating gradually, then it would be best to call emergency landscaping service to inspect and suggest.

There are three main components to a tree or for that matter any plant, branch, stem and roots. If any of these fail, then it becomes difficult for the tree to survive for long. There are lawn care services that can help in saving the tree as a whole, but for that, it is always better to consult professionals. It is necessary that these damages are looked at the earliest, because they can lead to crown twisting or blow over, which would eventually harm surrounding property.

Preventive Care

With advanced technology and with the free flow of information, it is easy to predict to an extent the occurrence of a natural event. There are preventive measures that can be taken by landscapers to protect the tree from these damages during a storm. Property fertilization, water, trimming and pruning could increase the strength and life of the trees during adverse conditions. In case you have not been doing it, then you can also ask for emergency storm services that several landscaping companies provide to maintain the tree.

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Rooting For The Right Tree Removal Experts

Tree Service

In the urban jungle a major requirement is to have leafy avenues that make the environment tolerable. But left unattended trees may be risky for human population and they may be caught unawares during emergencies. Hence tree removal; cutting trimming and checking is important in parks, gardens, streets, offices and residential quarters. Tree removal service by experts is a boon in any neighborhood. Choose a company that has experienced staff and tools. It is critical to have experts with knowledge of saving the leaf, limbs and keeping the green environment safe. It is important to deal with a company that has insurance and is licensed to provide necessary services. What more should the customer know about this vital city service?

When does a large tree become a burden?

 Many residents are aware that they need to have a patch of greenery in their surrounding areas and homes. Some of them gleefully have large trees rooted in lawns and front gardens. A tree keeps branching out and may prevent sunlight from entering the home. A part of it needs cutting. A branch may have to be razed or a section may have to be stumped. Maybe a large tree’s limbs are coming in the way or entering the home. A large branch may hang on the roof. It looks fabulous on a clear day. But on a stormy night the branch may damage the roof, a branch may fall off in case of a severe typhoon or the lashing rains may prove dangerous to the inside portion of the house. Instead of sitting on a time bomb, it is best to call for a reputed company for trimming. Such a job requires experts. Often this work is handled by companies, which are certified and licensed. They have a price list to do various kinds of jobs. A customer can ask for trimming service and compare costs with other similar companies.

How costs are calculated?

When you are searching for the best service providers in your area almost all of them will calculate the costs on the height of the tree. The final fee is set on a per foot basis. A customer will have to make a choice from any tree removal vendor depending on his own budget and need. A 90-foot tree will need different tools for trimming compared to one that is only 20 feet in height. Another aspect that bears the costing is if the tree is near any utility like a power line supply or an electricity pole. It makes the job dangerous. It goes without saying the price will be slighting higher in such cases. Other hazards that call for high prices include a tree that is struck by lightening. Now this is an emergency. A right vendor, who is cost effective, may charge extra fees for urgent jobs. Hence it is best to ask for tree removal services on any regular day. They should be able to offer solutions to dispose the wood after the cutting the branches of trees.

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Did You Know The 5 Pruning Reasons That Make Trees Healthier?


When it comes to tree management, the most essential things required to keep their good health is tree pruning and trimming. Both activities require expert knowledge to ensure that the ancient eco-system remains in harmony with humans living around them.  The need for pruning arises because trees outlive us! And trimming makes it looks beautiful. There are other reasons too which you need to be aware of for existing in a healthier environment.

Combination of art and science

Only an expert can take a good decision after examining the trees. Pruning is a combination of art and science that helps to remove a haphazardly growing branch from a tree collar.  If the branch is becoming dangerous for the main trunk and is relatively thicker then it needs to be cut. Many people look at cutting a branch when damage has taken place.

There are some hidden reasons that may help regular tree pruning and trimming to be a boon. These reasons only the experts are aware of.

  1. Tree girdles and circles need to be regulated- when trees are planted in complexes they are grown in containers. In such conditions, the roots grow circular. As they are unable to spread, they can choke or result in poor anchoring. Even in potted conditions the tree can be trained for growth with pruning.
  2. Development of suckers and water sprouts is curtailed-When left to themselves the trees develop suckers. There are water sprouts on the crown. The suckers stick to the base. It makes sense to do pruning and trimming if necessary.
  3. Need for specialist pruners– Sometimes even wrong pruning may get in the way of tree development. People also damage the trees in many ways. Hence a skilled technician is required to prune. He will detect if any part is diseased.
  4. Tree with an objective– Often people need a creative angle to the pursuit of trimming the branches. They look aesthetic when trimming is done. The growth is also speedy.
  5. Giving the 3 D look-Yes, it gives a nice 3D effect. But you definitely need a specialist for it. He can give the required shape.


This season if you are looking for some artistic rendering to the look of the trees do ask for tree pruning and trimming professional services. After all a healthy tree will also reflect on the well being of the humans living around it for a long time.


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Calling A Professional for Tree Removal

Tree Service

There can be many reasons for removing trees. For example, if the tree is dead or if it is a threat to the humans living near the tree or if it has the potential to damage nearby property. These are just few scenarios. There can be numerous other reasons. Sometime these situations arise gradually with time. However, sometimes situation like storm can also make removing trees a necessity.

Importance of tree removal services

Contrary to what most people think, tree removal is not an easy task. It requires more than just common sense and basic set of equipments. Professional with good training and equipments are able to handle these kinds of situations. They make sure that while cutting trees, humans and property in its vicinity does not get damaged. Other things about tree removal services are described below.

For removing tall trees, you would also need cranes and boom lifts so that logs could be safely and securely brought down.

Some advantages of hiring a professional tree removal service

  • First they will analyze the situation and then start the proceedings.
  • Cutting down trees is a risky process. Tree or its branches can fall down on people, property and infrastructure like utility lines and roads etc. Professional tree removal services make sure that this does not happen.
  • They also help in relocating a tree. Relocation is more complex than simple cutting of trees. Tree removals services will make sure it remains alive during the whole process.
  • Tree removals services come with tools and equipments necessary for carrying out such work.
  • Once the tree is cut, tree removal services also help in cleaning up the surroundings.
  • However, before hiring someone check their license and insurance. Make sure they offer comprehensive insurance rather than limited one. Hiring a company with insurance will safe you from any property damages or loss of human life.

If you are not a professional, than trying to remove trees on your own can be extremely unsafe. Remember, you are putting your life and the life of other people around you in danger. A wrongly cut tree might also damage the nearby property. Don’t try to do it yourself for saving money or for the sake of adventure. You might end up spending more money on damages. Also, your adventure may turn into a painful hospital visit. Call professional tree removal services whenever they are needed. They will do the job in the proficient and well organized fashion.       

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Storm Damage Trees-Things You Need To Know

Storm Damage Tree ServicesStorm damage trees pose a serious risk to the life and property in its vicinity. Every year many people lose their lives and property worth millions is destroyed by storm damaged trees. However, there are ways in which people can prepare themselves and risk can be reduced.

What can you do before the arrival of storm?

Remember, storm damage tree prevention treatment will make your trees mare capable in dealing with bad weather situations like these. So, taking care of trees is of utmost importance.

Taking care of your trees

It is very important to take care of your trees. Always maintain your trees by with services like trimming and pruning. These services are like overhauling of trees. Diseased and overgrown branches are cut. Harmful chemicals and other toxic materials are removed. It also includes giving support to weak trees so that they can deal with nature’s fury.

Remove trees if necessary

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to remove a tree. Don’t look at the situation from emotional point of view. If a tree needs to be removed, than it must be removed. This is especially true in case of weak, old or dead trees.

Tree Care After The Storm

Once the storm has passed take a close look at the damage. Don’t climb on a damaged tree. Call professional services for doing this kind of work. A damaged tree is always dangerous. However, after assessing the damage about the extent of damage done by the storm and what kind of services you need to call. A weak leaning tree must be removed first. Apart from rain, hail and winds, lightning strike can also seriously damage a tree. In some cases, trees are reported to burn from inside, months after getting struck by a lightning.

Once the storm season is over, trees might get ill. If you notice decay or change in the color of leafs, immediately call an arborists and start treatment.

Strom damage tree services are there to help you in cases of an emergency. However, all services are not the same. Ask your family and friends about a trusted service provider. Always hire an experienced service provider. Take a detailed look at things like insurance cover they are providing, license, quality of their manpower and equipment.

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Different Types of Tree Services

tree removalTrees are very important part of our lives. They grow, get old and die just like humans and animals. Anything that grows and changes shape during its life time needs care. This makes tree service very important. There are different types of tree services. Some deal with growing trees like “tree pruning and trimming”. Some deal with dead trees like “tree removal services”. Different circumstances and situations require different services.

Different types of tree services

Some of the tree services are listed below:

  • Tree pruning and trimming
  • Tree removal
  • Emergency tree storm service

Tree pruning and trimming services

Since humans live close to trees, timely tree pruning and trimming service becomes a necessity. These services help in maintaining a healthy tree. Dead and ill branches are removed. It will also make surrounding area safe and secure, as branches that have overgrown are also removed. These services clean the trees by removing toxic substances that have accumulated on the tree. A well trimmed tree increases the beauty of its surrounding. If you live in an area managed by HOA, then tree pruning becomes essential.

Tree removal

Sometimes trees must be removed. This is especially true in cases when they pose danger to the nearby people and property. Trees that are dead need urgent removal. If someone wants to relocate a tree, in this case also it is first removed and then planted in another location. In order to keep nearby buildings and homes safe, large trees are cut according to a plan. This is done to make sure that parts of tree lands on a safe place. Once a tree is cut it should be transported to a safe location.

Emergency tree storm services         

Sometimes emergency arises due to trees. For example, when a tree falls down on a highway and traffic is obstructed or when a tree falls down on a transformer or a power line. These situations call for urgent action. Emergency tree storm services are important because they offer 24 hour emergency services. They have quick response time of well under 2 hours. Emergency services come with specialized set of equipments that are necessary for dealing with such situations.                     

Hiring a suitable tree services company

Always hire someone with an experienced and well trained staff. They should have good experience in dealing with emergency situations. Make sure that they are offering comprehensive insurance cover.

There are a number of tree service companies. Get detailed information before hiring service provider.     

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Emergency Tree Storm Services-Best Way to Get Out Of Tricky Situations

Tree removalWhen we think about an emergency situation, it always means that lives and property are in danger. We don’t know when this kind of a situation can arise. However, we can remain cautious to make sure that damage is minimized. Falling of trees or even its branches can be extremely dangerous during storm season. To deal with this kind of situations emergency tree storm services are required.

Importance of emergency tree storm service

Emergency tree storm services are very important because they can help us in saving lives and property. If certain amount of damage is already done, emergency services can help us in containing the situation. Sometimes a simple thing can turn into risky scenario. Take for example, a tree close to power line or telephone line. During storm season, tree might fall on these utility lines and break them resulting in inconvenience to hundreds or even thousands of people. Similar situations like tree blocking a road or highway or a tree leaning dangerously over a house also requires fast and quick action.

Choosing a right emergency tree storm service

There are certain set standards for emergency tree storm services, for example, ISA standards. Companies that follow these standards offer better quality services. To get the best deals get quotes from multiple service providers. Remember, most companies provide estimates for free.

Their reaction time   

In case of emergency situations reaction time is everything. Make sure that their reaction time should not be more than 2 hours. They must offer services 24 hours a day. Also, they should have good customer support service.

They should have good equipments

Emergency service should have machines that are high performance as well as reliable. No one wants a faulty piece of equipment in the middle of an emergency situation. These machines also include the safety gears for workers.

Training and experience of staff

Tree cutting or removal jobs require all sorts of equipments, from basic saws to high tech cranes. To perform well these machines require well trained staff. Workers must have experience in dealing with emergency situations. Whereas a well trained crew and complete the job in no time while contemplating any future damages, inexperienced crews can further increase the risk.

Call Emergency tree storm services so that bad situation can be controlled in early stages. Another important thing you should keep in mind is the insurance. Company should offer insurance to workers as well as for property damage.         

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Why Is It Safe To Hire Professional for Tree Service?

Tree ServiceTree service includes pruning, trimming, fertilizing and removal of trees. It may look like a very simple and safe job. However, take a closer look and you can easily see the dangers that are part and parcel of this work. You have to deal with height, various climatic conditions, chemicals and dangerous mechanical equipments.

Risk Associated With Tree Service Work


While doing tree service there is always a risk of falling from heights. A worker can fall from a tree or from equipments like crane or ladder. Bad weather situations like storm, rain, extreme heat and snow can make the working condition even more dangerous.

Injury due to equipments

While working on a tree, workers can get injured from the same equipments that they are using. The equipments used for cutting and chipping trees can grievously injure a person.  Because they are used for trees, these equipments have sharp blades, with which, you have to be extra precautions.

Risk of electrocution

For safety reasons trees that are close to electrical lines or transformers should be cut or trimmed. Workers may accidentally touch or fall on these electrical installations. Working for long hours near high voltage electrical lines can also cause cancer.

Risk due to chemicals

Tree service work includes applying chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides. These chemicals are necessary for maintaining healthy trees. However, they are unsafe for the human beings. Exposure to these chemicals can cause various health problems.

Precautions That Tree Service Company Need To Take

Proper training and equipment

Workers should have proper training and the equipments that are necessary for tree care jobs. Taking care of trees is a complex task. Sometimes, cutting of few branches is enough. In other cases entire tree needs to be removed. It also involves applying chemicals like fertilizers. Only a trained and certified arborist can handle these tasks correctly. Another important thing is that they should have top of the line equipments. Without proper equipments quality of work is going to suffer. Use of poor quality equipments also increases the risk of accident.


Tree company should offer workers compensation insurance. Tree cutting or removal work can accidentally damage the nearby buildings, so property insurance should also be given.

Tree removal service companies should never compromise on safety. It takes time, money and effort to make the working environment absolutely safe, but it’s an investment worth every penny. 

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Have A Lawn – Have A Tree – Are You Caring For It?

Tree RemovalTree care is essential for keeping them healthy. Maintaining healthy trees will reward you in many ways. Trees provide clean air and reduce the risk of soil erosion. They help in controlling extreme temperature during winter as well as summer season, which in turn will cut down your energy bills. Well maintained trees are known to increase the value of property. Overall trees help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle along with giving financial incentives.

However, tree care is not an amateur’s job. You need full understanding of trees anatomy and proper training for undertaking such work. Not to forget the equipment’s like chainsaw and ladder needed for removing dangerous trees. Hiring a tree service company is the safest solution.

Advantages of tree service company

Some of the benefits of tree service company are listed below:

Pruning of trees

Pruning of trees is done by cutting diseased branches. It is also done for cleaning the tress. Apart from health benefits, pruning increases the aesthetic value of a tree and a beautiful tree will increase the visual appeal of a house.

Emergency removal of trees

If the tree is dead it should be removed. Otherwise it might pose danger to the people and property in its vicinity. Removing a big dead tree is treacherous task. Also, in severe weather conditions like snow or hail storm, some trees might getdamaged and lean dangerously. Only a well-equipped tree removal company can deal with this kind of a situation.

Other services

Tree service companies also offer other services like pest control, protection from lightening , treating diseases, risk assessment and fertilization.

Findng a competent tree service company

Price estimation

It should be done only after visiting the site. Never hire someone who is giving you the price estimates without properly analyzing the situation. Ask for a hard copy of price estimates. Apart from price take a detailed look at the services offered by the company. A company certified by International Society of Arboriculture is always a good choice.


Tree removal work is risky. So, make sure that company offers personal and property insurance.  Workers compensation insurance should also be given.

Keep above points in mind before finalizing a professional tree service company. It will help you in maintaining healthy trees for years to come. If you have your own ideas related to this topic, please share them with us.

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