Tree Care and Maintenance for Palm Trees

Palm trees are basically attractive and natural additions to your property and provide a tropical appeal to your home. Like any other trees and plants, palm trees need the right care and maintenance it deserves. For proper care and maintenance, you may have to hire professional arborist services in your area. In case that the palm tree falls down or gets diseased, it is also best to call tree removal companies for proper removal and disposal.

That said, proper maintenance and care is needed if you want your palm trees to grow in its best health and form. Learn more about this tropical tree, its different varieties, and how to take care of them. You can also find an arborist to know more about this wonderful tree and why there should be one in your property (especially if you live in a tropical area).


It is said that there are more than 2,500 species of palm trees which are either tropical or subtropical varieties. In other words, palm trees thrive best in warm climate and tropical countries. On the other hand, most palm tree varieties cannot thrive in cold weather due to intolerance to frosts.

Palm trees vary in size, trunk appearance, structure and color of leaves, rate of growth, and tolerance to cold and hot weather. In other words, there are also types of palm trees that thrive in cold climate. This is contrary to popular belief that palm trees only exist in tropical areas.

As mentioned, there are thousands of palm tree variants that exist all over the world. These include popular ones such as Sabal Palm, Royal Palm, and Canary Island Date Palm. Other palm tree variants that exist include the following.

  • Cabbage Palm
  • Coconut Palm
  • Chinese Fan Palm
  • Bismark Palm
  • Christmas Palm
  • Washington Palm
  • Yellow Butterfly Palm
  • Windmill Palm
  • And more!

As mentioned, some palm tree varieties thrive in warm climates. On the other hand, some palm tree variants including Chinese Fan Palms and Cabbage Palms survive cold temperatures of up to -9 degrees C. Regardless of the type of palm tree, it should be given the right care and treatment for it to thrive its best. Likewise, it is a good idea to hire tree services for your palm tree care and maintenance needs.

Factors required for optimum growth

Palm trees require the best care and maintenance to ensure its optimum growth. It needs the right amount of light, water, type of soil, temperature, and even the use of fertilizer so that it will grow in its best health and form. Here are some things you need to consider to ensure a palm tree’s optimum growth.

Amount of light

Most palm variants can tolerate shade and should avoid direct sun exposure as much as possible. There are also indoor palm plants you can grow and take care of. Then again, it depends on the palm variant that you have. If you are not sure, you can consult a professional arborist services near you.


Experts recommend using soil with alkaline or acid ground. In some cases, it may be better to use porous and loose soil mix. You can also buy a palm soil mix in gardening stores.


As mentioned, palm trees may vary in climate tolerance. Some may tolerate temperatures as high as 95 degrees F and as chilly as 40 degrees F especially during night time. It is important to know which type of palm tree variant can tolerate such extreme temperatures.

Care and maintenance

By knowing the abovementioned requirements to ensure better palm tree health, the next step is to know the proper care and maintenance they need. Here are some tips to remember to care and maintain your palm trees.

  • For the first six months, palm trees should be watered at least two times a week. Ensure that there is soil moisture as you water it.
  • Use fertilizer on palm trees to ensure better growth. Experts recommend using IFAS 8-2-12 as the right type of fertilizer to be used for palm trees’ optimum growth.
  • Remove yellowing or browning tree fronds. Pruning is also necessary, but make sure not to trim too much and too near the palm trunk. It can result in bark damage and can let insects and diseases destroy the tree further.
  • Find an arborist for your palm tree and maintenance needs.

Grow a palm tree in your property

Palm trees are a great addition to your home regardless of where you live. But make sure to choose the right type of palm trees according to weather tolerance. More so, it is best to hire tree services in Chevy Chase for your tree care needs.


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Is it Necessary to Remove a Tree Stump Through Grinding?

Tree removal requires a specific process that needs to be followed. That is why it is often recommended to call tree removal services to remove a tree that can be potentially dangerous for everyone near the property. For your tree removal needs, it is a must to find tree services after a tree has fallen down within your property due to some reason.

Tree removal services and their employees are professionally trained to remove fallen trees. Likewise, they can also provide other tree care-related services such as pruning and trimming large trees. You can also choose to remove a tree on your own, but it is not often recommended as it should be done by professionals using the right equipment. Your safety, as well as your property, are also at stake, so it is better to hire professional tree cutters instead.

Removing a tree stump

Once a tree has been cut, it will most likely leave a stump. It’s going to be two things: either to remove the stump or simply let it be. In such cases, you should let professionals remove the stump. For one thing, stump removal can be as tedious as removing an entire tree. You can also choose to remove a tree stump manually or by using chemical products.

Stump removal can be tedious depending on the process applied. Generally, it involves removing the tree stump itself, the roots included. One thing is that it won’t pave way for regrowth and opt to plant another tree or cover it with pavement or any material. Otherwise, it leaves an unpleasant-looking hole that can potentially house rodents or other animals, or even cause accidents in worse cases.

All about stump grinding

But the question remains: Which is the better method of tree stump removal? One of the most common options is through stump grinding. It involves using a stump grinder and a chainsaw to do the job. Of course, only professional arborist services should do the stump grinding task.

Stump grinding is not really labor-intensive as it uses special equipment to shred the stump to bits. Unlike manual stump removal, grinding is more efficient in terms of labor and time to do. Plus, the wood chips can be used as mulch for other trees or plants. On the slight downside, it may not remove the roots and may need a separate procedure to remove it.

The tree’s roots will eventually rot but it may take a long time. So, if you want to remove a tree stump completely including the roots, tree care experts would suggest going for other tree stump removal options instead. You can consult professional arborist services for better advice about stump removal.

Prices may vary depending on the depth of the stump grinding. The deeper the removal, the more expensive it can be. However, there are also things that need to be considered in stump removal. For example, tree care experts should also take note of other materials around the tree’s vicinity before using a stump grinder, such as:

  • Lawn sprinklers
  • Tree lighting wiring system
  • Hoses that are buried in the ground
  • Backyard pools
  • Patios/walkways/concrete
  • Other trees and plants nearby
  • Rocks or fences nearby

Exemptions for stump grinding

There are also instances wherein stump grinding may not be applicable. For example, stump grinding may not be applicable if there are frequent rains that can cause the soil to become heavy. Not only can the grinder cause a mess while operating it but also cause damage to the stump’s surrounding area due to the grinder’s weight.

In such cases, tree services suggest waiting for the soil to dry up first before proceeding on the grinding process. Better yet, you should consult a professional tree care personnel in order to evaluate the situation before any steps will be made. Stump grinding also costs depending on the stump size, location, and the required depth the grinder needs to complete the job.


Stump grinding is a good choice in terms of lesser labor intensity and time spent. The shredded wood bits can also be used as mulch for your remaining trees and plants. However, it is still best to hire professional emergency tree services in Bethesda so you can make a better decision in dealing with tree stump in your area.

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What You Need to Know about Taking Care of a Young Tree

Seeing how a small seed grows into a majestic tree can be fulfilling. More so, if you are the one who planted that simple seed and watched it grow way taller than you over the years. Moreover, it is important to take care of a young tree so that it will grow into a healthy tree in the years to come. You can also consult tree services providers for tips on proper tree care and maintenance.

Care and maintenance for young trees

The first three to five years is crucial for a young tree’s life. This is the time where utmost care is important to ensure the tree’s healthy growth. At the same time, proper tree care as advised by arborist services will ensure that it will reach its full-size potential and resistant against tree pests and diseases.

You can also find an arborist in giving tree care and maintenance advice you will need in taking care of your tree. You should also learn the proper way of watering, weeding, mulching, and pruning a young tree. Just like animals and humans, trees are living things, too. They also need the right amount of care they need so they will thrive and grow into a regal-looking tree they should be.

Watering young trees

All plants and trees should be given the right amount of water to keep it nourished and healthy. However, there is a right process of watering so it won’t “drown” because of overwatering. In tree care and maintenance, there should be such a thing as “smart watering”. Here are some tips on watering young trees properly.

  • Make it a point to water the young tree equivalent to about 25 gallons of water weekly. You can put a hose on low setting and let it sit at the tree’s base for about half an hour. Increase watering when there is drought or a dry spell in your area.
  • Practice deep watering on young trees to ensure its optimum health and disease-free growth. It can also help strengthen and encourage the growth of strong roots. Meanwhile, light sprinkling for about five to 10 minutes is not advised as it may encourage poor root growth.
  • Make sure that the soil is constantly moist up to six inches below the ground’s surface, but not necessarily wet. Ideally, soil moisture should be checked about once a week.
  • Mulching can help in maintaining soil moisture that can help in the young tree’s growth. Cover the tree trunk’s base with about three to five-inch mulch layering, and then spread up to two feet away from the tree in all sides.
  • In mulching, experts recommend using leaf compost and shredded bark. However, you can also use other types of mulch whichever is available.

Pruning young trees

Pruning is important for trees which should be ideally left to professional arborist services. For one, it encourages the penetration of sunlight. Likewise, it helps promote air circulation through the young tree. In addition, pruning also improves the growth of its leaves and branches and remove dead and diseased parts of the young tree.

However, make it a point not to be too keen on pruning a young tree. It is better not to prune a young tree especially within a year after planting it, but with the exemption in removing any dead branches or dried leaves.

In pruning a young tree, remember the rule of thirds: one-third for each part of the tree including the roots, the trunk, and the foliage. Reducing the foliage to less than one-third and it can permanently affect the young tree’s growth.

Other tips for tree care and maintenance

Here are some other tips for proper tree care and maintenance.

  • Ensure regular weeding and keep them away especially from young trees and plants.
  • As much as possible, do not use pesticides as the young tree’s fertilizer. Keep the roots and the soil around it moist at all time by adding mulch.
  • When pruning a tree, make sure not to leave stubs as it can be the cause of the development of tree diseases.
  • If the tree collapses due to strong wind or other kinds of extreme weather, call emergency tree storm services immediately.
  • Make sure to hire only a reputable and highly-skilled tree services provider for any tree-related concerns. You can find arborist services in Bethesda and get to know more about their other tree care services.

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What You Need to Know about Mulching

Tree removal

Trees provide all sorts of blessings for us. For one, it offers shade against the intense heat of the sun. It also offers a nice and safe living spot for birds and other creatures. At the same time, it also bears delicious fruits that can satisfy our hunger and make us healthy as well. That is why we should do all we can to protect and ensure proper growth of trees around us.

However, trees can also cause destruction although it is not entirely their fault. When a tree falls, it can damage a house or any property near it. In such cases, you should call tree removal services immediately to avoid further damage and ensure safety to those around the area.

Meanwhile, there are ways to maintain trees. One is by regularly trim and prune the trees so it can grow better. Calling tree cutting services may also be needed if it is diseased or damaged due to environmental reasons. Another way is by adding mulch around the root area. However, you should know first what mulching is all about, how to mulch properly, and how it can benefit your trees and your yard.

What is mulching?

Mulch refers to a material that is placed on the soil and serves as a covering. One major benefit of mulching is that it retains soil moisture, prevents the growth of weeds, and ensure that the soil is cool enough. Plus, mulch can make your yard look more pleasant to the eyes depending on the type of mulch you use.

Speaking of mulch type, there are organic and inorganic ones. Mulch is not used to beautify a yard. As mentioned, it can help promote tree growth and improve the soil around it. You can find an arborist to help you with proper mulching.

Types of organic mulches

On one hand, organic mulches can easily decompose and improve the fertility of the soil. Among popular types of organic mulch include:


This is one of the most popular type of mulches that are commonly used around shrubs, gardens, and trees. It has a coarse texture that doesn’t mix with the moist soil, yet it can last longer than other types of organic mulches.

Grass Clippings

Grass clippings can help in suppressing the growth of weeds and promotes better plant and tree growth. Expert tree services suggest using a mulching mower and leaving the grass clippings on the yard area. This will improve the soil’s fertility and promote better plant growth.


This is also another popular type of mulch that can look good on your yard soil. You can spread a layer of shredded leaves onto your yard so it will decompose in time for winter.

Types of inorganic mulches

Meanwhile, there are also what we call inorganic or synthetic mulches. Like organic mulches, inorganic mulches are also good in maintaining soil moisture and preventing the growth of weeds. Among these include the following.


Also known as buffings, this one is usually made from shaved or chopped rubber tires. Rubber mulch can help in insulating soil, slows down the growth of weeds, and avoiding soil moisture loss.

Stone or gravel

This type of mulch is great for yard areas that need ample drainage or those with plants that need a little heat. Gravel or stone mulch can also make a landscaped yard look better.

Plastic or fabric

These are good mulch options around trees, shrubs, and foundation plantings. Weeding may not be needed regularly as well as frequent fertilization. For landscape fabric mulches, make sure to punch holes to let water pass through it and into the soil. You can also hire arborist services for your mulching needs.

How to mulch your trees

Here are some tips for proper mulching:

  • Do not do the so-called “volcano mulching” or else you may end up calling tree cutting services because of a damaged tree.
  • Look for the root flare or the tree part where the trunk begins to sprout from the roots. If the tree has been planted already too deeply, dig the mulch away and spread a little for better mulch distribution.
  • Make sure not to create a mound-shaped mulch around your plant or tree area. As mentioned, it is better that the mulch is spread evenly away from the plant or tree.
  • Find an arborist in Montgomery County for your tree care and maintenance needs.

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Should You Remove Fallen Trees on Your Own?

Trees are supposed to last for many decades and sturdy enough to withstand the harshest of weather. But no matter how large or how long the tree has been planted there, it will fall due to several reasons. Most trees are no match to natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes. Tree diseases can also weaken its structure and cause it to topple over eventually.

Fallen trees can be a safety hazard, which is why it should be removed immediately to avoid further damages. In such cases, you can hire tree removal companies to remove that gigantic tree that has fallen off in your backyard. Another option is to seek help from your local municipality as most of them offer tree removal services. However, that help may depend on the reason why the tree has fallen off.

When a tree in your own backyard falls

Just like any other cases of fallen trees, it should be dealt with immediately by professional tree storm damage removal services. Moreover, the tree should be removed immediately especially if it has caused damaged to your property.

This is why it is important to call a local emergency tree storm services which you can rely on 24/7. Aside from calling emergency tree services, you should also call the homeowner’s insurance company and let them know of your situation.

Usually, your policy will cover the expense of removing the tree that has fallen onto your property, say, a part of your house. But just to be sure, specify the details of the tree incident and ask questions so you can maximize your homeowners’ insurance policy.

What you need to know before removing a fallen tree

Removing a tree is not as simple as it seems. You can try removing it on your own or with the help of family members or friends. However, it may not be recommended since there is usually a standard procedure that needs to be followed in tree removal services. More so, it can be potentially risky for anyone without prior experience in tree removal to do so. Nevertheless, fallen trees should be dealt with immediately to avoid further damage.

Check whether you need to get a permit.

Your local area may require you to get a permit before you can remove a tree. For one, tree removal may have an impact on runoff and water absorption. Hence, it is a good idea to check whether permits are needed before proceeding on tree removal.

Secure the area.

Before removing a fallen tree, make sure the area is safe and secured. For example, the tree may have fallen and damaged a part of your property. Or whether there are power lines around the area that can compromise everyone’s safety while the tree removal is ongoing.

Remove the tree one at a time.

Do not remove the tree all at once. Instead, chop the branches first and work your way to the bottom. Using a chain saw, divide and cut the tree into smaller portions. Some can be disposed of, while others can be used as firewood.

Other important tips in tree removal

Tree removal can be a complicated process, which is why it is a good idea to leave it to the experts. Here are some important tips you should remember when removing a fallen tree.

Know your responsibility.

If a tree that is outside your property falls into yours, coordinate with your local area to determine who should be responsible for removing the tree. Once identified, discuss how they will be able to remove the tree from your property. However, you have the responsibility to remove a tree if it is within your property and falls off in another property.

Make sure of the wood chopped from the fallen tree.

A fallen tree can sometimes be a blessing in disguise especially if you are looking for firewood for your indoor or outdoor fireplace. Instead of throwing it elsewhere, use these pieces of wood and save money from buying firewood elsewhere.

Ensure your safety.

Never remove a fallen tree on your own unequipped. Your safety will be put on the line, which is why you should call professional help in such cases.

Call professional tree removal experts

Instead of dealing with things on your own, it is better to call an emergency tree storm services in Montgomery County. Contact one today and they will take care of your tree removal needs.

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Best Fruit-Bearing Trees You Can Have In Your Backyard

Trees can be a valuable asset to your property. For one, it offers shade against harsh weather and outdoor elements. It also makes a place look attractive and somewhat secured. Some trees also bear fruits that can nourish one’s body and soul. Because trees are an essential part of the ecosystem, we should also give them the care they deserve.

One way to take care of our trees is by hiring tree services for proper trimming and maintenance. It may require extra effort to take care of a single tree – more so if you have more than one in your backyard. However, the simple fact of having a tree in your yard can make you feel closer to nature – right at the comfort of your own home.

Growing fruit-bearing trees in your yard

Fruit-bearing trees do not only grow in farms and orchards, but they can also thrive in your own backyard. In fact, it is already a common thing for homeowners to have their own fruit-bearing trees within their property. Also, you can choose from hundreds of fruit-bearing trees to grow in your yard.

But just like any other trees, hiring arborist services is also important for fruit-bearing trees, too. Likewise, trees also require different tree care guidelines depending on the kind of fruit-bearing tree you are growing. Regardless of the type of tree, all trees need to be taken care of – usually by professional tree cutting services.

Best fruit-bearing trees to grow in your backyard

Imagine having your own fruit-bearing tree in your backyard. You can enjoy picking fruits on your own (just be careful not to slip and fall on the ground). Some trees can grow big and take a large amount of yard space, while others grow modestly it may not even grow taller than your two-story house.

It is also important to note that some fruit-bearing trees self-pollinate while others need a pollinator. It may seem tedious to take care of trees that need pollinators, but it can be manageable nonetheless. Among popular fruit-bearing trees, you can grow in your backyard include the following:

Apple trees

Most people love apples and it is a good idea to grow one in your own backyard. They can grow and live for many years. To ensure its longevity, you may want to find an arborist to take care of your apple tree. However, apple trees may be challenging to grow because they are most prone to disease and insect problems. You will need two different variants for pollination. Also, there are smaller or “dwarf” varieties if you prefer growing a tree in a container.

Plum trees

Another good choice for a backyard tree is planting a plum tree. It comes in different varieties – Japanese, Damson, and Europeans are among the popular ones. It requires minimum maintenance and can adapt to different climates. For pollination, you should plant at least two trees so it can produce fruits. It also needs specific care and maintenance method so it can grow well.


Cherries are also easy to grow, care, and maintain. Pruning may not be regularly needed although you can hire tree removal services for proper care and maintenance. Sour cherries need another cherry tree to pollinate, while the sweet variety can self-pollinate.


You can grow peaches in your backyard or as a smaller version and grow it in a container. Some peach varieties can self-pollinate while others require another tree to produce and grow.

Caring for fruit-bearing trees

Fruit-bearing trees not only produce… well, fruits, but also enhance the overall look and appeal of your property. But to ensure its longevity and good tree health, they should be well taken care of. Here are some tree care and maintenance tips for your fruit-bearing trees.

  • Do your research. Make sure that the fruit-bearing tree you are planning to plant in your backyard is suitable in your location’s climate. You can also find an arborist if you’re not sure about this.
  • Check the soil and make sure that it is well-drained enough so the tree will thrive. Plant the tree in an area where it can receive enough sunlight and ensure that it has enough space to grow.
  • Keep an eye on your trees. Make sure to rake dead leaves around the tree and fruits that have fallen off the tree. Use a dormant oil spray to keep pests away. Prune trees when necessary.

Call professional tree care and maintenance experts

Taking care of any kind of tree can be challenging. Yet, it can be a rewarding experience once you see the fruit of your labor – literally. For your tree care needs, call only the best arborist services in Maryland.

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Safety Procedures To Be Considered During an Emergency Tree Removal

Trees are an important part of our ecosystem. Aside from making our surroundings look good, it also has several purposes. For one, it provides shade against the excessive heat of the sun. Some trees also bear fruits that we can enjoy all year round. Wood also comes from trees which can be made into different useful items at home and elsewhere in our daily life.

These are only some of the reasons why we should take care of the trees. If you have trees in your property, you can find an arborist to help maintain them. Trees are meant to last for many years and to be enjoyed by future generations. It is a good idea to hire tree cutting services to ensure that your trees are in optimum condition at all times.

However, trees are also prone to damages and can even damage nearby property especially during natural disasters. More so, larger and older trees are more prone to weaker structure, including its large branches falling off the ground and its huge roots causing damage to the ground structure below.

Depending on the gravity of the situation, it may be a good idea to call tree removal companies to prevent potential accidents from happening. Likewise, it will protect your and other nearby properties, and everyone’s safety. Regardless of the safety hazards, tree owners should be able to recognize potential safety hazards that a tree can cause before calling in tree care personnel.

Common safety hazards during emergency tree removal

First of all, it is important that emergency tree services are fully-equipped. Likewise, the company should also employ skilled and experienced personnel. Taking care of a tree is no easy task especially for beginners. More so, all tree care personnel should undergo several pieces of training to ensure proper tree management. Like any other living things, trees also need to be properly dealt with in terms of care and maintenance.

At the same time, tree care personnel should be well-trained enough to deal with potential safety risks that come along tree removal. Among common tree removal safety risks that tree care personnel may encounter include:

  • Falling branches that can cause potential injury or property damage nearby
  • Proper use of cutting and trimming tools and equipment, as improper usage can cause potential injuries and damages as well
  • Considering nearby power lines that can cause electrocution to the worker or other civilians nearby
  • The worker accidentally falling off from the elevating equipment such as cranes or ladders

Safety reminders for tree care services owners

Tree care services owners should ensure not only their client and their property’s safety but also their workers. For one, tree care companies should make sure that their workers wear the right gear and use the right equipment properly. Among safety tips that tree care owners need to remember include:

  • Employers should provide proper personal protective equipment or PPE for their workers. This includes any kind of protection for the foot, legs, eyes, hearing, and head.
  • Employers should also ensure that all of their workers have undergone training including proper equipment handling and other safety procedures.
  • Employers should make sure that emergency tree storm services equipment used are well-maintained and in compliance with the local standards
  • First aid kits, fire extinguishers, and other emergency medical supplies should always be on standby while work is ongoing.
  • Employers should ensure safety and avoid working nearby utility lines

Safety reminders for tree care workers

On the other hand, tree care workers should make sure to follow the working standards as well. These include:

  • Wearing proper PPE while at work (protection for the eyes, hearing, legs, face, and hands)
  • Using equipment properly while doing tree services
  • Using a safety belt or any fall arresting system especially when working more than three meters above the ground
  • Ensure that you have other companions or co-workers with you during the tree removal procedure
  • Ensure that all unused equipment is turned off or stored away from the work area

Finding a reliable tree care company

Accomplishing a tree removal procedure is one thing. Ensuring everyone’s safety, including the client and the tree care personnel, should also be a top priority. That is why you should find professional arborist services near you. For your tree care needs, contact reliable tree services in Montgomery.

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A Guide on Proper Tree Watering

Tree Services

Owning a tree within your property is a huge responsibility. For one, you have to ensure its health through regular tree maintenance. It is also important to ensure everyone’s safety in case the tree is in a compromised situation due to bad weather. In such cases, it is crucial to call emergency tree storm services to prevent potential injuries and property damage.

Ensuring regular tree care and maintenance ensures the tree’s longer lifespan and stronger foundation. It should be regularly-trimmed preferably by professional tree services near your area. Owners should also know the right way of watering trees to achieve longevity and better health.

During hot summer days, trees need enough water supply to survive. Otherwise, it can lead to the tree’s premature demise. Regardless whether it’s a newly-planted or a mature tree, all types of trees should get all the care they deserve. Before that, it is important to know the proper watering method according to the tree’s age, the type of soil used, and the current season.

Watering newly-planted trees

A proper tree watering method is just as important as regular tree pruning and trimming. This is particularly crucial for newly-planted and young trees. Too little or too much watering can do harm to the young tree. In particular, overwatering a tree can even kill a tree.

That said, it is important to note the right amount of water in nourishing a young tree. You can also find an arborist near your area for more important tree care tips. Here are some things to consider when watering young trees.

Water the young tree up to an inch per week.

Make sure that the water soaks the soil well to nourish the roots and encourage healthier growth. The water around the plant trunk and its surrounding area. Water the plants regularly and consistently for around three years or more to help establish their roots.

Monitor young trees and plants more often.

Make sure to check their roots more often from any presence of dryness. Young trees and plants are getting the moisture they need through the root ball which easily dries out after a day or two. Dry soil and no moisture can affect the plants’ growth.

Water plants more that are exposed in full sun than those within a shade.

It is also important to water plants especially if it is frequently exposed to the sun. They have the tendency to dry up easily which can affect their growth it not watered regularly. Ideally, outdoor plants should be watered early morning or late evening for better water absorption and better growth.

Apply mulch on the soil.

Applying mulch such as leaves or shredded bark helps in maintaining soil moisture. Likewise, it also regulates temperature and protects plants against hot and cold temperatures. Tree services can help you with the proper mulching methods for young trees.

Watering mature trees

Meanwhile, established and mature trees also need enough care and maintenance it deserves. Arborist services would recommend keeping the topsoil, about 8 to 12 inches deep, moisturized especially during the hot weather. Frequent watering is essentially important in the absence of rainfall.

More importantly, you should not wait to water the plants until they are already yellowing or wilting. Focus on watering the roots instead of the leaves, although you can sprinkle a little bit of water on the leaf’s surface.

How often should you water trees?

Watering plants is crucial for its growth and health. But the question is how often you should water them. One way to know when it’s time to water is by checking soil moisture.

Using an 8” long screwdriver, poke it into the soil. If it easily passes through, it means the soil is moist enough. Otherwise, it will be hard to push through the soil if it’s already dry. This method works best on loam and clay soil. Ideally, the soil should be moist at least 8 inches deep or more. Tree removal companies would suggest against frequent watering but not enough to penetrate the soil and nourish the trees’ roots.

Caring for your trees is crucial

As mentioned, it is important to focus more on watering the roots rather than the leaves. Make sure to keep the soil moist and avoid overwatering it. Experts suggest watering plants and trees early in the morning or evenings. This is to ensure that the water will seep into the roots and avoid drying due to the heat of the sun. For your tree care and maintenance needs, you can hire professional arborist services in Chevy Chase.

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What You Need to Know about Being an Arborist


As humans, we need to take care of ourselves to be healthy all the time. We take health supplements, get the right amount of sleep, and have regular exercise. The same should apply when you have trees in your backyard. You can also find an arborist near your area for your tree care needs.

Tree care and maintenance are important especially if you have one in your backyard. An unkempt tree can cause potential hazards to your property. For example, loose branches can be blown away and cause damage to your house during a storm. In such cases, you should hire emergency tree storm services to avoid potential accidents and injuries.

The art of tree care

If there is an existing science of taking care of human diseases or animals, there is also one for trees. This is called arboriculture. It is basically the art of care and maintenance of trees, woody plants, and shrubs. Arboriculture involves studying tree care methods as well as learning about how they respond to nature.

Among common tree care practices applied in this nature of work include using the right tools and techniques for tree removal services. Likewise, this study includes methods in tree storm damage removal following natural disasters such as hurricanes. Like humans and other living things, trees also require special care to ensure their longevity and overall health.

Arboriculture also involves the right techniques in tree care. This includes planting the right kinds of trees in specific locations, determining tree illnesses, and proper tree pruning among a few.

The art of arboriculture has been around since ancient times. In fact, it is said that ancient Egyptians originally came up with soil formation around the plant to catch water and nourish the plant. This ancient practice still exists until modern times.

What does an arborist do?

Arborists are people responsible for handling trees and wood-based plants. They possess exceptional knowledge of tree care and maintenance. Arborists also ensure that trees do not compromise people’s safety as well as interfere with power lines and road works. This includes tree cutting services to prevent loose branches from falling off and causing accidents below.

Arborists are different from landscaping and horticulture. The former specializes in tree care and maintenance. Landscapers focus on enhancing land area including improving the formation of grass, plants, and flowers to make it more visually appealing. Lastly, horticulturists focus on the cultivation of food-bearing plants and vegetation.


Tree care and maintenance require extensive knowledge and skills to ensure the quality of work. Otherwise, improper tree handling can cause potential safety risks and property damage. Not only should there be qualified individuals to take on the job but also possess the right tools and practices to do their jobs right.

Arborists play an important role in ensuring safety in towns and cities. They work for arborist agencies, private companies, and the local government. Some also run their own arborist business. Not only they keep trees healthy but also keep residents and properties safe from compromising situations.

They are also prone to safety risk and accidents, considering that their work can be physically demanding. That is why they should have insurance and ensure their safety during work. Likewise, they should be equipped with safety equipment like goggles, gloves, and ear plugs among a few.

Among the job responsibilities of an arborist include:

  • Evaluating and treating trees for any signs of pest and disease problems
  • Evaluation of trees that can be potentially hazardous
  • Tree stump removal
  • Emergency tree services (ex. A tree falls down following a strong hurricane or storm)
  • Tree pruning, trimming and cutting
  • Tree or seedling transplant from one location to another
  • Consolidation of records for trees that are under their care
  • Tree care and maintenance education and research

Is it a worthy career?

An arborist’s job can be physically demanding. It requires training and further studies to become a licensed one. They can also get paid well annually plus additional benefits. Some move on to become supervisors, while others have already built their own tree removal companies and even a sideline for tree care equipment repairs. In other words, being an arborist can offer you an opportunity to build your own firm or get a promotion after years of hard work.

Most of all, this line of work can be make you appreciate trees and nature in general. Not only us humans and animals need care and maintenance but trees as well. After all, they are also living things and provides a lot of benefits for everything around us. Hire the best tree services in Maryland for your tree care and maintenance needs.

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When To Know It’s Time to Cut Down A Tree

Tree Pruning

Trees are blessings to mankind. They serve as a natural shade against the heat of the sun. Many trees also bear fruits that you and everyone else will enjoy feasting on. However, there will come a time when trees need to be taken down for some reason. In such cases, you should contact tree cutting services near you.

One study reveals that living in a place surrounded by trees can help in prolonging a person’s life. For one thing, trees can enhance a property’s aesthetic appeal. However, cutting down a tree can be as sad as the death of a pet or a loved one. More so, if the tree has been in your property for many years.

But sometimes, cutting down a tree can be a better solution especially if it becomes a threat to everyone’s safety. To deal with this, you should find an arborist to take care of the tree cutting procedure. Before cutting down a tree, there are different factors that should be considered.

Is the tree’s location safe?

One major consideration in deciding to cut down a tree is its location. Check whether the tree(s) grows too close to your house. Likewise, check whether its branches are hanging too close to a window or any part of your house. Hanging branches can be potentially dangerous especially during a storm and strong winds.

Trees that are too close to your property can also cause potential accidents and injuries. Likewise, it can cause damage to your property. Just consider the expenses and safety risks you can incur by repairing a damaged roof or a broken window glass. That is why hiring emergency tree services is important in such cases.

Tree removal companies will know whether it’s time to cut down a tree or a part of it. For example, not all overhanging tree branches may need to be cut down. Some branches may only need trimming instead of chopping them off completely. But if the branch is in a compromising position, then it may be better to cut it off.

A tree’s location is also crucial in providing the right amount of shade for your home. For example, branches that touch the house’s siding can cause damage and lead to the growth of molds. Trees that are near power lines should be cut immediately to avoid further safety risks.

Tree damage can weaken its structure and can put it at risk of falling down. Accidents due to “acts of nature”, including a fallen tree, may not be covered by most insurance. To prevent such hassles, it is recommended to call arborist services as soon as possible.

Is it diseased?

Many people do not realize that trees get sick, too. That said, a sick tree should be treated immediately. But if the tree is a hopeless cause, it may be time to cut it off. This is to prevent future safety hazards.

Trees become vulnerable and weak due to disease. It can cause a weakened structure and may fall off on your house. These matters should be handled by professional tree removal services companies. Experienced personnel will take time to inspect and recommend the next steps for the tree.

Among common signs of a diseased or dying tree include the following:

  • Weak and brittle branches
  • Rotten tree branches, roots, and/or trunk
  • Yellowish leaves

Pests can also cause diseased trees. Trees are meant to house birds and other animals. However, some animals can be bad tenants and cause damage to the tree. Some of these animals include worms, rodents, and scorpions among a few.

These annoying tree tenants can eventually invade your home. To prevent that from happening, it may be time to get rid of the tree. Also, the presence of fungus is also a sign of a diseased tree. If your tree has it, it may be time to cut down the tree as well.

Is it the right tree?

It may be nice to grow a tree. However, there is no such thing as “one size fits all” in growing a tree in all locations. Some trees may be ideal for warmer climates, while some may grow better in colder areas.

Growing a tree in a wrong location can stump its growth and even affect its “health”. In such a case, the tree should be removed and choose a tree that is more suitable for the weather in your area.

Contact tree experts near you

Trees have their own lives. They can thrive or die depending on the amount of care they receive. For your tree care needs, you should find an arborist in Bethesda or anywhere near your area.

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