Do hanging tree branches pose a safety threat to my home?

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Greenery has been the order of the day. With the increase in self consciousness among individuals taking the degrading environment, there has been an increase in tree plantation.

But with the old trees extending their branches, have you ever had a thought if these hanging tree branches pose a safety threat or not? Is it okay to not cut them? What will happen if we keep them as it is? There are lots of supporting questions to go about it and you may need to hire a tree service company to assist you.

Threats to Home

As beautiful as they look, these hanging branches can be fatal as well. As the tree which are planted ages ago mostly tend of have the hanging branches, with this they also have deep rooted origins which can cause cracks in the house or building if they keep on spreading.

Also there is a tension of water seepage followed by the cracks. This dampens the walls and gives an awful look and smell to the rooms.

Many times if the branches are hovering over the house then there might be a threat of the branch falling over the roof may be because it’s old or on the verge of breaking, which can crack the roof and may even lead to more fatal situation later.

Threats to Kids at Home

The  juveniles back home are the most carefree back home. They need large space around them to play freely. Especially in the gardens, this has its own charm amidst the nature. But if there ares branches protruding out of the tree then there are chances of the kids getting hurt.

Other possible threats

Various other things such as vehicles, people walking on the street, cart pullers, garbage pickers etc. may pose threat from the hanging branches also. Especially when at night its completely dark such things can be misleading to the driver and can lead to accidents.

If accidentally the tree branch falls on ground then it can damage the wires, fences, and can also block the road. Many times vehicles parked on road get damaged due to this reason. People on the road might get hurt if all of a sudden the tree falls on them and can lead to serious injury.

Hence regular tree trimming of the big and old trees is important to avoid such accidents.

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During a Windstorm, One of the First Priorities is Tree Removal

tree removal

A devastating windstorm is the least you could ask for. If you are by any chance, affected by a windstorm recently, then this article is for you.  It’s a horrifying experience to wake up after a windstorm. You could see everything in your neighborhood being drifted apart. The trees near your house or in the area you live would have been uprooted or fallen apart causing a huge mess to passersby. Imagine if the wind has blown in a slightly different direction, the trees would have fallen on someone’s house and would have caused terrible damage to people and their property.

So during or after a windstorm, we take some preventive steps to keep ourselves safe. One of the significant steps is Tree Removal. The removal of fallen trees is very important to do while a windstorm is struck. Some trees may have fallen completely on the ground and a few may have their branches and bark broken. Specialized tree removal services by arborists are available for your help.  All you need is to give them a call and they will come to your place, do a basic evaluation and help you in removing the trees with the help of specialized equipment.

Measures taken during tree removal:

One has to be very careful while removing the trees after a windstorm. Steps that need to be taken before tree removal are:

Caution board

A work in progress safety board has to be kept in the work area. So that it acts as a caution for people passing by, especially kids.


Suitable transportation has to be arranged for the transportation of the cut trees and debris so that they don’t cause inconvenience to anyone.


The location where the trees are to be removed after a windstorm has to be inspected thoroughly before commencing the work. There may be power lines lying beneath the ground, which has to be taken care while digging the roots.

Choosing the right method

Total tree removal or only pruning has to be decided appropriately depending on the circumstances.

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Safe Stump Grinding Services

Stump Grinding

One of the most useful living things on earth is a tree. Growing trees invite rainfall and increase oxygen, thereby reducing air pollution. A tree is generally cut if it causes encumbrance to the society or an individual. It takes a lot of time and effort to cut a tree. Skilled professional and necessary tools are needed to chop all the branches and trunk of a tree. Generally a small portion of the trunk is left on the ground when a tree is removed. That small leftover portion of the trunk till the root is called ‘Stump’. Leaving the stump on the ground could be a cause of concern for the passersby. So it is wise to remove the stump completely. This method is called Stump Grinding which is done with a help of specialized equipment and professional arborist.

In order to avoid any risks associated with Stump Grinding, the professional has to keep these steps mentioned below in mind during the process.


Safety is the most important aspect of Stump Grinding process. The place where the stump has to be removed should be secure. Any rock or debris causing hindrance should be removed from the spot before the grinding starts. The grinding equipment should be comprehensively checked before operation. Appropriate safety clothing and equipment have to be worn as per industry standards.

Consulting Local Authorities

The local authorities are to be consulted before starting a stump grinding service to ensure there is no electricity or water pipeline beneath or near the stump grinding area. Also any shrubs or trees near the stump grinding area have to removed or pruned for the stump grinder to perform properly.

Following Instruction

One has to understand and follow all the instructions and guidelines for stump grinding. Physical fitness and capability is very important in operating heavy and bulky stump grinders.


Be vigilant in keeping the onlookers and passersby at a safe distance from the spot when the grinder is in operation. It is necessary to erect a Warning Sign to keep public especially children away from the working area. You should thus make sure that you hire a professional stump grinding company.

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4 Ways a Tree Removal Company May Help You!

tree removal company

Tree removal services happened to be one of the difficult tasks at times. But with the passage of time and advancement, tree services can now be provided with much ease. Unwanted trees can be easily removed without causing much hindrance. A full grown healthy tree is a bundle of advantages for the house, but the same overgrown, unhealthy tree proves to be a danger to the property.

Pros of hiring tree removal services

  • Saves time

Large, bulky trees take more time in getting demolished. Often wrong and improper tools of tree removal are used which makes the task even more difficult and time consuming. Thus, it is advisable to hire the concerned services and experts in the field. This way the task is handled with the expertise which results in best output. Moreover, it also facilitates less hard work on the part of house owner!

  • Economical

Hiring tree removal services is quite economical and useful. Hiring these services means saving chunks of money otherwise used in landscaping, or in getting rid of broken branches and twigs and other related debris. Outgrown trees lose their balance with time, which tends to result in destruction of sewage pipes and walls of the house. Further, money is utilized in repairs and setting the damages. Though the house is insured to pay for damages, but such damages are usually not covered under the deed. Thus, hiring the services is the best decision to make.

  • Prevent from injuries

Weak, overgrown trees are dangerous and prove to be a threat by their unexpected fall. To avoid such danger, it is must to bring them permanently down with the help of tree removal service provider. Being experts in their job, they perform the task with undue brilliance.

  • Keeps area more aesthetic

The weak and old age trees shed more of their leaves and wrinkled flowers, creating a great amount of mess around. Getting them groomed and bringing the unwanted trees down periodically will not only minimize the danger but it will also keep the area clean and safe.

Hire a professional tree removal team keeping in mind the above benefits.

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Tree Cutting Services for Yard Maintenance

Tree Service

Trees are very important in any household. Having your home surrounded by trees is very important for a healthy and clean environment. They are beneficial in a lot of ways. They provide shelter, clean healthy air to breathe along with fruits and vegetables which can be consumed for a healthy diet. During hot summer times, all you need is to sit underneath a tree’s shelter instead of spending so much on an air-conditioner. It is much healthier for a living and saves a lot of your electricity bill. It is not only beneficial for you, but also for your whole neighborhood. However, there are various unwanted circumstances when you have to go for tree removal.

The general threats caused by trees

A lot of problems can be caused to your property and your lives due to trees around the home. One should consider regular trimming, or if things go out of hand, one should consider cutting them down completely. Getting tree cutting services, is a good idea but might cost you a lot. Hence one should consider doing things all by himself. But at times doing things by yourself might cost you more than what the services charge you, due to the simple fact that you might not have the right knowledge and the right materials to carry on the cutting process. One can also cause serious injuries to himself during this process. Hence it is advisable to go for cutting services, which will give you the best result.

Factors to calculate the cost of tree removal

The main factor is the size of the tree. Depending on the type of the tree, the size also may vary. The bigger the tree, the higher the cost.

The location of the tree-If the tree is located nearby electric poles or any hazardous area, the cost might be higher due to the risk faced by the professionals.

The type of equipment, the tree removal company is using also matters a lot. If the complexity of the equipment used is high, then the cost is obviously going to be high.

Hence considering all these factors one must assess the cost of the cutting down process, always remember timely trimming and cutting saves you from a lot of problems.

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Important Things To Consider Before Getting A Tree Removal Service

tree removal

Why tree removal is necessary?

Trees undoubtedly are a very vital and integral part of our environment. They make the existence of different life forms possible on earth. Trees account for innumerable benefits like an adequate and uninterrupted supply of oxygen helps curbing green house effect, provides resources like wood which in turn helps promote business and commerce,  purifies air, serves as a source of energy, helps in preventing and dealing with soil erosion as the trees keep the soil bound and so on. Considering so many benefits, we must take necessary steps to minimize and prevent deforestation.

But there are certain unusual situations, in which removing the trees becomes obligatory as it may prove dangerous for the life of other animals and human beings residing in that particular area. But before taking such a step one must have proper permission granted and approved by the concerned authority.

Points to keep in mind before cutting the trees

  • Make a perfect evaluation about the health of the tree. If it is almost 50% vandalized, then although it may survive for a few more years, but its growth will be highly improper, so one may opt for cutting it. Trees which have been damaged by the herbicides usually recover.
  • Check if the trunk of the tree has got injured, if the damage is of about 25% or more then the tree should be cut off else it may take some time and heal up.
  • Now find out if all the dead branches of the tree are present on one side. If yes then it simply indicates that the trunk or root of that particular side is damaged and this can be easily fixed by the professionals.
  • Have a proper account of the tree’s history. One noteworthy reason why a tree usually perishes is the soil level above the roots. If 3 inches or more of the soil has been piled up above the roots, then the tree often dies.

Scrutinize if any sprouts are arising from the base of the tree or not. If yes do take the assistance of a tree removal expert.

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Things to Be Known Before Hiring a Crane

crane servicesBefore hiring a crane, one must analyze the sole purpose of hiring the crane. Based on the purpose one must sort out the type and form of the crane. Crane hire has become a common thing for a lot of construction purposes.  There are two basic forms of crane rentals, and the choice of picking totally depends on the knowledge and insurance based on the rentals to meet the current legislations.

The two different forms are contract lift and hired crane.

Contract lift

This type of crane rentals is where the operator forms the key figure. He is in-charge of everything right from providing the right number of cranes, workers to availing the insurance and planning the whole work. The crane operator becomes the nucleus of this type of crane rental.

Hire crane

In this form of crane rental, the employing company becomes the show runner. The company plans the whole rental, covers the whole insurance policies. They basically provide the cranes required along with the skilled drivers for those cranes offered.

But there are few qualities that all the lifts regarding a crane should have:

  1. Prior to any lift there must a risk assessment and a statement prepared for any worst case.
  2. The person in-charge of the operation must be well qualified and skilled technically.
  3. Everything in and around the crane must be insured – the people working, the machinery and also the items being lifted.

Apart from the above mandatory qualities, the rental companies must abide by the following laws and regulations:

  1. CPA- construction plant hire association
  2. LOLER- lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations 1998

Usually the crane services providing companies keep the insurance availed in advance and plan the working methodology before availing to rent in order to attract the customers. But there are a few organizations which leave all the work to the on-site engineers/workers.

Always remember that the operators need to be HGV drivers with proper CPCS qualification. The frequent applications of these cranes are in the engineering field, equipment transfer from roof tops, disposal of fallen trees and recovery of vehicles.

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The Art Of Pruning Evergreen Trees

tree pruning

Conifers, cone bearing trees and all the conical trees fall under the category of evergreen trees. All the evergreen trees have needle shaped leaves which they shed from time to time. But the best part about these trees is that they do not shed these leaves all at the same time. Unlike other trees, these evergreens do not need timely pruning at all. Only fruit trees and decorative trees need timely pruning.

The tree structure

Evergreen trees usually have a lead branch that directly pops out from the trunk of the tree. All the other branching stem themselves out from this main lead branch. So whenever the new lead branch is budding out, the older branch falls out. This way the proper coning shape of the tree is achieved. The case is quite the reverse in the older and much matured trees. The falling out of the secondary lead in such matured trees will cause a relatively more harm than good.  Pines, spruces and firs fall under this type. The random branching type are the traditional Christmas trees. Yew, Cedar and juniper fall under this category of random branching evergreens.

The pruning of evergreens

The pruning of evergreens is required only when the head or the lead branch of the tree is dead or if the tree is diseased or infected. As soon as one finds out that the tree is diseased, one must remove the infected portion of the tree to avoid the spreading. Always remember to trip branches that comprise of the needles. Also trimming all the needles is not advisable since it might lead to the gradual death of the branch.

The three cut method

  1. Cut from 12 inches from the branch, cutting from the top.
  2. Make the second cut about an inch from the first one.
  3. The final cut should be made just above the collar.

If you want control over your tree’s height prune during the summer. If you want your tree to reach heights prune during the spring. If it is just to avoid the disease, pruning can be done at any time of the year. Always keep your pruning blades clean and sharp and hire a tree pruning company to achieve best results.

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How to Repair a Damaged Tree Bark?

tree removal

The bark of the tree is the toughest exterior surface that protects it from getting damaged by insects and certain environmental factors. The tree becomes more vulnerable to infections and rapid aging when its bark gets partially or completely damaged. Generally the tree will not able to survive once the bark has been damaged significantly. Proper care of trees should thus be taken.

Bark damage

Sometimes the bark of the tree gets accidentally injured by simple activities like gardening through powerful equipment. However, if the damage is repaired as soon as the accident happens, there are the chances that your tree will possibly survive. It will replenish its bark within a year or two and the spot of initial injury will not be visible. Certain types of damage are likely to be fixed easily, while some will not be easily fixed. Moreover, larger trees having deeper layers of tissue are actually irreparable. Yet there are certain things you can do when your tree is negatively affected.

Tools and materials required

The materials required for fixing your tree’s bark are duct tape, tree bark solution and pesticide. Scissors, blade or a sharp knife are the tools required in the process of repairing the damaged bark of the tree.

What to do to join a cut-out portion?

Find that portion of the tree that is severely damaged to begin repairs. Retrieve the cut-out portion, take some duct tape and fix that piece to the tree by using the duct tape. Strap more duct tape around the tree to ensure perfect fixing of the portion that came out. This should be kept in this way at least for three months and not much longer as the duct tape can start damaging the existing tree bark. This procedure requires more care during rainy reasons.

Mend the wound

It there is no cut out portion, then you only need to nurture the wound to incite rapid healing. Just refine the area using a knife or blade, depending upon the damaged part. Get rid of all the jagged pieces. Construct an eye-like shape on the damaged area with the narrow top and bottom part, and wider middle part. This way the tree will heal rapidly and not get succumbed due to its injury. Meanwhile, the insects may get collected in the wound and affect it negatively. Therefore, spray some pesticide to that susceptible section which is damaged to get rid of hidden insects and their eggs. The bark solution should be sprayed on the damaged area to protect it from the environmental conditions. It works similarly as a sealant.

Additional tip

Try to mend your tree’s bark as soon as you see any signs of damage. Don’t procrastinate the work of repairing your tree as it will become more prone to death if it is injured for a longer time. To eliminate hassles, hire a tree removal company for easy assistance.

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5 Different Tasks That a Tree Service Company Can Do For You

Tree Pruning

These are the following 5 jobs that a Tree Service Company can do for you.

  • Planting the Trees

Planting the trees sounds like an easy task which does not require much of effort or tact, this really is not true, especially when it is to be accomplished on a very large scale. The task of planting the saplings requires a lot of attention. Moreover it should be done in a systematic way for amazingly fruitful results as this in turn effects and determines how will it further grow in its lifetime. So taking the assistance from professionals is certainly a better deal.

  • Irrigating the Trees

Once the saplings are successfully planted the next errand is to irrigate them properly. Though this phase does not require much of technical support or knowledge, but it certainly requires ample of time. So in case you are running short of it, do opt for the aid of a professional.

  • Trimming the Trees

Proper trimming of the trees at regular interval is a necessity for ensuring healthy growth of the trees. Moreover, if the trees become too large, they often turn perilous. For trimming the trees, efficiently one requires proper skills and tools. So professionals who are specially trained for the same can be hired to do it on your behalf.

  • Disease control and getting rid of pests

This is the biggest obstruction for the proper well being of a tree. Though some dendrologists claim that there are few trees, which are partially immune to pests, but the opposite too is true that there is no such tree which is totally insusceptible to these insects. For the aerobicized growth of trees, certain measures should be undertaken in order to protect them.  Disease and pests control also requires proper skills, time, knowledge and equipment, thus hiring a professional to do it for you is a pragmatic deal.

  • Tree Removal

Due to any reason, if the tree perishes, it should be cut and removed. This phase requires enough of safety and attention, hence let a tree removal professional do it for you.

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